Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes Or Not?

Can men wear women’s shoes? It’s not a question people would think to ask, but often it comes up.

However, men can now wear women’s shoes because fashion has advanced drastically.

Notwithstanding, the types of shoes they can wear are limited because men’s and women’s foot sizes and widths are not always the same.

As a result, this article will give you more information on whether men can wear women’s shoes and what kinds of shoes men can wear.

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What makes a shoe woman’s shoe?

Women’s shoes have unique characteristics, and most of this results from women having wider hips than men, which alters the angle at which the foot contacts the ground.

As a result, the primary distinction that makes a shoe a woman’s shoe is the foot’s form, size, width, and toe box.

Can men wear women’s shoes?


Yes, they can.

If the shoe’s size is perfect, men can wear women’s shoes at all times.

But there are a few physical differences between men’s and women’s feet that you should consider, which mainly have to do with the differences in size.

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What type of women’s shoes can men wear?

Women wouldn’t be questioned if they wore men’s shoes in public; however, men don’t have the same privilege because of several well-known factors, including the wide variety of women’s shoe designs, which range from unisex-looking shoes to peep-toe platform heels.

Therefore, it would probably be a unisex footwear brand if you saw a man wearing a woman’s shoe.

So, in no particular order, here are some types of women’s shoes that men can wear.

1. Boots


Boots can range in height from knee-high Wellington boots to lace-up high shoes such as Doc Martens. These are common types of footwear owned by women that men can also wear.

There is no standardized definition other than footwear that covers the feet at least up to the ankle and is made to be durable and weatherproof.

They are particularly helpful in chilly or rainy conditions, as well as for manual labor in demanding settings like the military.

Women’s boots range from high-heeled styles with wedges to heavy, thick-soled styles that may have a hint of color in the stitching.

Additionally, many women’s boots are embellished with straps and buckles, either heavily or lightly, with a sharp front.

Because of this, men can now be seen wearing different women’s boots in public. Even though the styles of men’s and women’s boots often overlap, high-heeled men’s boots are now widely accessible.

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2. Trainers


Trainers footwear is another type of shoe that can be worn both by men and women.

However, men might need to look for a larger size than expected to accommodate the fit in women’s trainers because they tend to be narrower, and the walls are thicker.

Furthermore, given that trainers are status symbols and can be helpful to look different or express differences, it is quite common for young people to wear athletic shoes designed for the other sex.

3. Sandals


Sandals are an open style of footwear that have straps that cross over the instep and go around the ankle to secure the sole to the wearer’s foot.

They are available in men’s, women’s, and unisex designs across several brands, some of which are from Teva and Birkenstock sandals.

4. Brogues shoes


Women’s brogues, Oxfords, and other lace-up footwear frequently mirror or borrow styling from comparable men’s footwear.

Therefore, even though they are frequently made lighter and more comfortable, which makes them even easier on the feet, men would be able to wear these shoes.

5. Slip-on trainers and skater shoes


Trainers and slip-on skater shoes are both comfortable shoes great for wearing inside or during warmer weather.

They typically have a pale sole area and are growing in popularity. They are more open above and, like some slippers, are frequently made of a canvas-like material.

There is a lot of crossover between the men’s and women’s collections when it comes to styles. As a result, men can wear the female simpler styles with lighter soles and colors like blue, brown, grey, or black.

6. Loafers and boat shoes


The differences between loafers and boat shoes for men and women are subtle and significant.

These are typically soft leather slip-on shoes worn for diving, sailing, and indoor wear.

As a result, due to the numerous different design options, men’s and women’s styles are similar, making it easy for either gender to wear whichever.

7. Heels

pumps or heels

Men can also wear heels as long as it perfectly fits their feet. Men wearing heels are a way of breaking the gender barrier while looking classy and chic.

However, heels are often designed with female feet, especially around the arch and weight. Therefore, it might put a lot of strain on a man’s feet. Nonetheless, if you can gracefully carry the inches, you can wear heels too.

Pros of men wearing women’s shoes

Because the standard sizing more closely resembles the form and size of men’s feet, women’s shoes are much more comfortable for men, especially those with smaller feet.

Cons of men wearing women’s shoes

Men cannot wear all women’s shoes due to their foot shape. Women’s shoes are designed to fit their slim feet characteristics.

Additionally, the slim toe box makes it harder for men with wide feet to find the perfect shoe for them.

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Can a man wear women’s Nike’s?

Yes, a man can.

It’s perfectly acceptable for a man to wear a woman’s Nike shoes. So, when shopping, ensure that the women’s sneakers fit your toe box; that is the most important criterion.

Can girls wear male Jordans?

Yes, they can.

Although some people claim that women’s Jordans fit a little bit tighter and are less wide in the toe box, men’s Jordans can fit the same as the equivalent size as women’s Jordans.

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Is there a difference between male and female sneakers?

Yes, there is.

The shape of the shoe is sometimes different. Moreso, the width of the shoe is the main distinction between men’s and women’s sneakers.

That is because women’s shoes have a wider forefoot and toe area and a smaller heel than men’s shoes, reflecting the distinctions in foot shapes between the sexes.


In the past years, certain clothing items can give away a person’s gender. But times have changed, and today’s gender spectrum is stunning.

Therefore, the idea of limiting one gender to a particular item or style of clothing, particularly shoes, does not exist.

As a result, about anyone can wear any type of shoe they want, as long as it fits perfectly. Therefore, if you’ve read this far, you’re aware that men can wear women’s shoes.

Thanks for reading.

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