Can You Change Your Skin Color From Dark To Light?

Skin complexion is a complex topic. And often, you have people interested in changing their skin colors. So can you change your skin color?

Yes, it is possible to change your skin color. However, it is not how you think.

If you are looking to transition from a dark skin tone to a fair or extremely fair skin tone, the answer is that it is not medically possible or even advised.

Dark skin tone becoming fair drastically is not the best because it can cause health and skin issues. Furthermore, your skin tone is designed by genetic makeup and pigment production (melanin).

Read this article to learn about changing skin colors and what you should do to maintain a good skin shade.

Can you change your skin color?

Yes, you can.

However, it is not healthy or safe. It is best to keep what you are born with.

Nonetheless, you can improve your skin shade by making it lighter after exposure to the sun and mismanagement. This should, however, not be taken as a skin shade change.

Changing your skin color is known as bleaching. It is the use of harsh procedures, products, or ingredients to lighten dark skin areas or get a paler tone. Skin bleaching is very unsafe and uncertified.

It uses some products to reduce or stop the production of melanin. This often leads to killing the cells responsible for melanin production. ‘Cosmetic experts’ may have assured you of your safety in changing skin color – don’t buy into their marketing; it’s not safe.

Some of these procedures or products include using harmful ingredients that can ruin your skin, cause internal skin damage, and lead to skin diseases like skin cancer- or even worse, death.

Consequently, trying to get the fair skin you want outside your genetic makeup is not recommended. Instead, stick to healthy skincare practices, which are to lighten and even your skin tone.

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Can you change your skin color naturally?

No, you cannot. You cannot change your constitutional color naturally, but you can lighten your skin or improve the tone and evenness.

These remedies include simple lifestyle changes like drinking enough water and keeping a strict sleep routine to using skin rejuvenating ingredients like turmeric, honey, lemon, and other natural skin exfoliating ingredients.

Using these ingredients to exfoliate and hydrate your skin maintains skin suppleness. Furthermore, they help improve your even skin tone and lighten your skin.

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Can you change your skin color with surgery?

Yes, you can. Some uncertified procedures will assure you of changing your skin color. However, this is not safe.

Nonetheless, some medical procedures and treatments can help restore and lighten your skin tone.

These procedures include:

Laser treatment: This is the use of laser beams to reduce scars, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and blackheads. However, this procedure should be done under strict supervision.

Chemical peel: This treatment uses a solution to exfoliate and remove the dark spots on the skin. It also helps even skin tone and improves skin glow.

Microdermabrasion and microneedling; These procedures are different, but they use tools to help. Microdermabrasion uses an abrasive applicator, and microneedling uses tiny needles. However, microdermabrasion is less invasive than microneedling.

Nonetheless, the procedures must be carried out under strict and licensed supervision throughout treatment.

These treatments are only temporary; you have to continue using the treatments to maintain your skin color.

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Can you change your skin color permanently?

It is not a one-time treatment. You can change your skin color to a lighter shade, but it is a continuous treatment. Like skincare being a lifestyle, you have to maintain a consistent routine to keep your desired skin color.

If you do wish to brighten your skin color, remain consistent in your skincare practices. 

Can you change your skin color from white to black?

This is not permanently possible. However, you can change your skin tone temporarily using equipment and makeup.

You cannot alter your constitutional skin color, but you can appear darker through makeup. This involves using darker shades of makeup and concealer to appear darker than normal.

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Is skin toning the same and skin lightening?

No, they are not the same.

Skin toning is evening and smoothing patches on your skin. Meanwhile, skin lightening is improving skin color from a darker pigmented shade to a lighter shade.

Is it safe to bleach skin?

No, it is not. Skin bleaching involves using harmful components that can damage skin cells and lead to skin diseases like skin cancer.

It will also weaken the skin tissues, making them susceptible to harmful external aggressors. Therefore, the more you bleach, the lesser your skin can protect itself.

What skincare ingredients can you use to lighten your skin color?

Safe and tested ingredients you can use to lighten your skin include vitamin C, alpha arbutin, retinol, kojic acid, glycolic acid, niacinamide, azelaic acid, licorice extract, and others.

These ingredients are safe in skincare products. They would not cause adverse reactions when mixed properly.

Is hydroquinone safe?

No, it is not. Hydroquinone is a known skin-bleaching ingredient that kills the cells that produce melanin, leading to the reduction of skin protection and balance.

It has more adverse effects on the skin than benefits. Therefore, it is not safe to use the ingredient. If you must, it should be under the strict supervision of a licensed dermatologist.

Can you change your skin color from black to brown?

You can lighten your skin to its best possible shade, but you cannot change your genetic makeup. If you have a deep brown skin tone, you can lighten it to mid-brown but not a light brown shade. Doing so means you are bleaching.

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Everyone wants the best for their skin; this includes having glowing skin. However, glowing, healthy skin is not the same as bleaching. Therefore, you cannot change your genetic skin color.

Nevertheless, you can improve your skin color, making it lighter or brighter than the dark and dull hue.

You can achieve this using natural means, medical treatments, and skincare products. The choice of treatment is yours to pick.

Nonetheless, it is best to love your skin tone just the way it is. Do not go for unverified methods to get whiter or darker skin. You are always beautiful just the way you are.

Thanks for reading.

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