How to Effectively Use a Vitamin C Serum for Skincare

Are you looking for how to use a vitamin C serum routine to maintain a smooth and even skin tone? If yes, settle down. This article will reveal to you how to use vitamin C serum to up your skincare game. 

 Vitamin C has the best anti-aging properties that make it very important to health. It helps to maintain a smooth, even, and shiny skin tone.

Vitamin c has lots of skincare benefits, and you may already have vitamin C included in your diet, but using it is the best way to reap these benefits.

Are you still in doubt? Or are you scared of irritation because of your skin type? Don’t fret, vitamin C is safe for all skin types. Vitamin c is safe to use. It is very rare for irritation to occur, and these rare cases only happen with people with hyper-sensitive skin.

Vitamin c helps to reduce dark spots, and it also helps to repair damaged skin cells. A vitamin C serum is made to be used as a moisturizer, as that is the best way for the skin to benefit from it.

How to Use Vitamin C Serum

how to use vitamin C serum

Although vitamin C works for all types of skin, it is best to do a patch test to check for any artery reaction. Follow the following steps to apply vitamin C serum to your skin.

1. Do a Patch Test

To check for allergic reaction to the serum, rub a drop of it unto your inner wrist. The skin on the wrist is sensitive, you will most likely notice a reaction.  Leave this on for 24hours to see if your skin is irritated or gets a rash. 

If it does, do not proceed to the next step, and also you can speak to your dermatologist for help. However, if your body doesn’t react to the patch test, you may proceed to the next step

2. Wash Your Face

clean your face

First, splash cool water on your face and then apply cleanser on your face with your fingerprint and gently massage it into your skin for about 30 seconds. Then proceed to rinse the cleanser off your skin with water. 

When you do this, ensure that you use a cleanser that works for your skin type. For example, only use a fragrance–free cleanse on sensitive skin, as this can irritate your skin. Know what works for you

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3. Dry Your Skin

Use a clean cloth or towel to dry your skin after washing it. If you use a toner, then grab it and soak a cotton ball into the toner. Rub the cotton ball and ensure even circulation on your skin. As you do this, avoid getting the toner in your eyes. 

Allow the toner to dry before you go ahead to apply it to your face. If you use a toner that contains benzoyl peroxide for your oily skin, you have to for a while before applying vitamin C serum. 

Applying it immediately on benzoyl peroxide will stop the serum from working effectively on your skin.

4. Apply Vitamin C Serum Now

how to use vitamin C serum

Rub only two to three drops of the serum on your face. You can squeeze out 2 to 3 drops into your palm using the dropper in the bottle of the serum. Use the finger of your other hand to rub the oil in your palm, and then dab the fingers onto your cheeks and forehead. 

Then gently massage the oil across your face and ensure even coverage throughout your face.

5. Apply Moisturizer Right After

moisturize your face

After applying the serum on your face, wait up to 5 minutes or 10 before applying a moisturizer. Do not apply moisturizer immediately after applying the it. 

Allow the serum to sit on your skin till it soaks into your skin, once you feel like your skin has absorbed enough, gently massage moisturizer across your face. If, however, you are doing this facial in the morning, it is best to use a moisturizer that contains s.p.f. This will help protect your skin.

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6. Begin Your Makeup

how to use beauty blenders like a pro

If you are applying this serum on your face in the morning, here’s the good news; vitamin c serum can be used as a base layer before application of other products that you use in the morning. You can apply your makeup after you have completed your facials in the morning.

Use Vitamin C Serum to Treat Skin Issues

Due to its antioxidant properties; vitamin C can be used to protect against free radicals, pollution, and other environmental aggressors.

It not only cleanse and moisturize your skin, but it also helps to treat damaged skin such as inflammation, break-outs, dark spots, and so on. 

Below are few ways to treat skin issues with vitamin C   

1. Apply Vitamin C With Zinc

Using a vitamin C serum that contains zinc helps to fight against bacteria. Use this once every day to treat acne and since vitamin C contains anti-inflammation properties, it reduces not only inflammation, it helps to soothe your skin as well

2. Apply Vitamin C and E Serum

Always put on sunscreen before going out to protect your skin. When you are back inside, probably in the evening, wash your face and then, apply your serum to help your skin repair damages from sun exposure. Only apply after exposure to UV rays.

3. Apply Vitamin C Serum With Anti-Aging Routine

Several anti-aging skincare products claim to increase, but most of these claims are yet to be validated collagen production In the skin. However, using vitamin C serum on the skin has been confirmed to increase collagen production.

Collagen is a protein in the body that helps the skin repair itself, and it also helps to reduce wrinkles, using vitamin C serum on your skin once a day will be beneficial for your skin.

You will begin to see an improvement in your skin’s appearance, as vitamin C gets rid of free radicals that cause aging.

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Use Vitamin C Serum to Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Dark patches develop and appear on the face due to sun exposure and damage. Pregnancy can also cause dark patches to form on your face.

However, applying vitamin C serum on your face each day will help to stop dark patches from appearing on your face by reducing the pigment that causes it. Note that you will have to use vitamin C serum for about 3 to 4 months to notice improvements in your skin.

How to Use Vitamin C Serum With Hyaluronic Acid

To use these two serums together, go from the thinnest to thickest; apply the serum that is thinner first before applying the thicker one. If your hyaluronic serum is thicker, first apply your vitamin C serum on your skin before applying hyaluronic acid erum.

Ensure to give each serum time to get absorbed by the skin, that is, allow your skin to absorb one first before you apply the next.

How to Use Vitamin C Serum and Retinol

Vitamin C serum is just as effective as retinol in a skincare routine, however, you need to be careful when using them at the same time. They are both capable of irritating the skin.

Therefore, it is wise to separate the use of vitamin C and retinol to different times of the day. You can use vitamin C serum in the morning and retinol at night. Doing this will help to maximize the effect of vitamin C to protect against sun damages while retinol minimizes sun sensitivity.

Other Useful Tips

  • Apply the rule of thumb to guide you. The rule of thumb here is layering your products from thin to thickest
  • If you are using vitamin C for the first time, it is wise to apply a thin layer and increase after each day; to avoid irritation.
  • If your skin care product includes glycolic, salicylic, or lactic acids, ensure that you wait for thirty-minute between applications before applying vitamin C serum to avoid risking irritation.
  • Vitamin C and retinol helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles on aging skin. However, learn to use both correctly to avoid skin irritation.
  • If you do your facials in the morning, consider moisturizing your skin with a moisturizer that contains s.p.f for skin protection.
  • Always check the product cases for a manufacturer’s note on how to use the product, and ensure that you follow the recommendations.
  • Purchase only a high-quality vitamin C serum.
  • Keep your serum out of direct sunlight.
  • Discard your serum if you notice it has changed color.
  • Stop using vitamin C serum if you develop a rash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of using vitamin C serum?

Vitamin C can be very acidic and can also cause skin irritation for people with hypersensitive skin.

Below are some common side effects

  • Itching 
  • Redness
  • Skin Irritation
  • Rashes

However, if you are allergic to the serum, you will experience allergic reactions, such as swelling, hives, and so on. If you experience any of these side effects, stop the application and usage of the serum, and wash off the serum from your skin.

Can I use vitamin C on my face every day?

Yes, you can. To get the desired result, you should use vitamin C serum on your face every day.

Doing this will increase the rate at which you will get the result and see improvements in your skin. However, keeps your applications minimal by applying only two to three drops of the serum daily.

Does vitamin C tighten skin?

Yes, it does. The use of vitamin C helps to brighten the skin and this helps to lighten and even lightens the dark spots on your skin to improve your skin tone.

How long does it take vitamin C serum to work?

It takes between four and twelve weeks.

After using a vitamin C serum on your skin for four and twelve weeks, you will begin to notice skin improvements.


Add vitamin C serum to your skincare routine to take care of dull skin. Vitamin C helps to give you radiant, evenly toned skin.

To improve your skin appearance, wash your face and rub a few drops of the vitamin C serum into your skin to reduce inflammation and promote skin repair. 

To see an improved version of your skin, you have to be consistent in your usage of this serum. Also, always remember to moisturize your skin after the application of vitamin C.

Thanks for reading.

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