What Is The Smallest Cup Size Of Bras For Women?

Cup sizes matter when getting a bra. This functional clothing for women makes part of a selection of women’s underwear necessary to provide support and comfort. However, what is the smallest cup size? What’s the biggest cup?

If you fall between bra sizes (not too small and not too big), you will find it easy to get a fitted cup just for you. Nonetheless, people on the end of the smaller spectrum of breast sizes can find this daunting, especially when the supposed cup doesn’t fit.

Moreover, you have to remember that bra sizes are a set of characteristics of the chest area, not only the cup. While you find your band size, you might not necessarily get your small cup size. So how do you go about it?

Read this article to find the smallest cup size for bras and its equivalent.

What is a bra cup size?

A bra cup size is a measurement obtained from the difference between the fullest part of the breast and the band area.

The difference between the fullest part of the breast (around the nipple) and the band is directly proportional to cup size. That is, the higher the difference, the larger the cup.

Cup sizes are represented in the letters. You have cup sizes ranging from A to H and on.

However, do not confuse a cup size for a bra size. Bra sizes are a merge of cup sizes and band areas (over the bust or underbust).

For example, you have 36B or 36C. The number is the band in inches, and the letters represent the cup. However, some countries measure in centimeters (e.g., 74C).

Conclusively, cup sizes represent breast fullness, and bra size is the computation of the cup size and circumferential measurement of the underbust.

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What is the smallest cup size?


The smallest cup size is not actually A or AA as most people think- it is AAA. AAA cup is less than half an inch difference between the band size and bust fullness (swell in the chest).

While this cup is rare, brands are expanding their bra measurements to include small cups. Therefore, you are likely to find your size if you are looking for a low-cupped bra.

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What is the smallest cup size for preteens?


You will find the bra size 28AAA for pre-teens in some shops. This is the smallest bra size for the young adult range.

What is the smallest bra cup size in the US?


However, you will find specialty shops and brands with AAA cup sizes for bras.

What is the smallest cup size for Victoria’s Secret?


If you are a lover of the sexy lingerie brand, then you need to know that their smallest cup fit is 30AA.

Unfortunately, the brand does not run at the smallest bra size. So you if want something smaller, you likely will not get it.

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What is the smallest cup size for Lane Bryant?

B cup.

The brand tailors outfits and lingerie for plus-size and curvy women. Therefore, it lacks smaller cup sizes for bras. However, it has a range of large cup and bra sizes.

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What is the smallest cup size for Lulalu?


Lulalu is a lingerie brand catering to small-breasted women. Therefore, it has low cup size options. You can also get custom-fitted bras perfect for you.

smallest cup size

How to find your cup size

To find your cup, follow these steps:

  • Get a measuring tape.
  • Start with the band measurement. Simply wrap the tape tightly around the circumference of your torso, under your bust, and around the ribcage.
  • If the number you get is even, add +4; if it is odd, add + 5. This is your band size.
  • Then, measure the circumference of your bust by placing the tape parallel across the fullest part of your breast.
  • Finally, subtract the band from the bust size. This will give you your cup size. The higher the inch, the higher the cup.

Note: Wear a comfortable and firm bra with your breast resting fully in the cup when measuring your cup size. This will give you the most accurate bust size.

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Can you wear bigger cups if you have a small breast?

Yes, you can.

There are what are called equivalents or sister sizes. These equivalents mean you can wear higher or smaller cups even if you are not exactly in that range.

Do all cups run the same size for brands?

No, they do not. Not all brands run the same size for bras and cups. Some with an A cup might run smaller than one with just an AA cup.

The cup is about the same for some brands, while others are different. What matters is fit. If your breast fits comfortably in the cup and the band is not too tight, then it is perfect for you.

Do small cup sizes need to wear bras?

Your preference matters. While some argue that the smaller the breast, the lesser you wear bras, and others think that a bra is necessary for any activity, the choice is yours.

If you feel bras restrict your circulation and are uncomfortable, you can opt-out of them. However, there are situations where you need to wear underwear for a firm grip; wear other alternatives like bralettes, sports bras, or soft cups.

What country has the smallest cup size?

According to the World Population Review, African and Southeast Asian countries have the smallest cup sizes. This, experts relate to genetics and an active lifestyle.

Why are your breast small?

Different factors play into this. They include genetics, activities, diet, lifestyle, age, body mass index (BMI), and fitness level.

These factors affect the size of your breast. However, a woman’s breast can also change in size due to her menstrual cycle and also when nursing.

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The smallest cup size is not the same as a small bra size. The smallest cup size is AAA. However, not all underwear and lingerie brands have this.

You can, however, find equivalents that would hold and support your breast just as well. Another alternative is to go for a custom fit that gives you a true size.

Nonetheless, small cups are also bust sizes. They may be uncommon, but they do exist.

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