9 Helpful Tips on How to Style Synthetic Wigs Correctly

Imagine being in a rush, and you need your handy wig. But turns out the wig is rough, dry, and tangled from previous use. For synthetic wigs, all you have to do is shake the ready-made style in place and you are good to go.

However, there is more you can do to style synthetic wigs to get them looking stunning and as good as new.

When you want to style synthetic wigs, you have to do it differently from a natural or human hair wig. They are different in texture and consistency.

Also, you have to keep in mind that a synthetic can be okay with a shake because of its set ready-made style. But to keep it from damage, you have to style it protectively.

Synthetic wigs come in already memorized styles. However, you can switch a good synthetic wig up with the right styling tools and tips.

These are devices designed specifically to treat synthetic wigs. Another handy tool is your fingers. You can use your fingers to comb through the strands and free up the strands. This will keep your wig knot-free.

There are several ways you can style your wigs. The choices are endless. However, you need to remember to have safety tips to keep the styles intact. These styling tips will help keep the wig from possible damages.

Tips on How to Style Synthetic Wigs


The following tips help to get your synthetic wig styled with ease. They also help your synthetic wig shined and natural-looking whenever you wear it.

1. Wash your wigs properly

Synthetic wigs can be washed. Let me rephrase this; synthetic needs to be washed to get the grime and dust accumulated in it. When you want to wash your synthetic wig, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Also, the products you use need to be made specifically for synthetic wigs. Using these products will protect the strands and integrity of your wigs from harsh ingredients. Furthermore, your wigs wouldn’t be stiff to touch.

You can try Brandywine Shampoo and Conditioner for synthetic wigs because it’s non-static and would protect the fiber, keep its integrity and also make it bounce.

For an intense treatment, you can choose Jon Renau Synthetic Hair Treatment Kit to shampoo, condition, and detangle stubborn knots in your wig.

It also works to remove frizz, keeping your synthetic wig in premium condition.

2. Use specified products

Synthetic wigs are made from fine fibers. To protect the integrity of your wig, use products designed specifically to cater to synthetic hair.

This includes shampoos, conditioners, styling products, mousse, wig masks, and others. Do not substitute the synthetic wig’s care products with the ones for human wigs or natural hair.

Using human hair products like hair sprays and gels could make the wig stiff and hard to style. As mentioned earlier, these wigs already come in a specific design.

You are styling the wigs to enhance their look and integrity. Also, use softening wig care repair products like a wig mask to keep it luscious and shining, especially if you wear it every day.

Styling products for synthetic hair keep the hair luscious and voluminous. You can use Hairobics Synthetic Wig Spray to keep your wig silky and easy to style.

Also, it prevents your wig from drying out or feeling stiff.

3. Style when the wig is dry

It doesn’t matter if your wig was wet from washing or applying products on it. You should style it when it is dry. This includes using styling tools and accessories.

You need to let your synthetic wig dry because the weight of the water might stretch the fibers. Also, you could ruin your wig style. This tip is most useful for curly synthetic wigs.

For instance, styling your curly synthetic wig may result in the fiber losing its curls, becoming straight.

Hence, the easiest way to protect your synthetic curls is to style when dry. The wig goes back to its original curls when every drop of water is out of it.

4. Style on a styling head

When you style your synthetic wig, use a styling head if you are not in a hurry. This would make combing and adding accessories easier.

Also, you would get a better look at what you are doing and the outcome. A foam head is the best option for a styling head. This is because you can pin the hair down without falling off.

Getting a styling head might seem luxurious to some, however, it is necessary. You can opt for Gex Canvas Block Head designed to fit any human’s head shape.

There are different sizes according to head shapes and measurements. It is made from cork and you can pin the wig easily on it.

5. Use a water spray once is a while

Cultivate the habit of spraying your wig with water once in a while. This would help freshen the look. As you spray, work through the strands with your fingers, detangling the knots and flattening the frizz.

6. Brush your wigs with the right tools

A synthetic wig should be brushed with a stainless steel brush. A stainless steel brush prevents the fiber hair from shedding and stretching.

When brushing straight wigs, use long strokes, whole short lifting motion for light curls. And a pick comb for wigs with long ringlet curls.

When brushing your wig, avoid brushes that would pull at the wig and cause it to frizz. And before you brush, use your fingers to detangle the knots between the strands.

Dreamlover’s wig brush set contains an oval wig comb, ribs wig brush, and edge brushes. You can style your synthetic wigs of any length, including baby hairs.

7. Use accessories

Accessories add a personal touch to your wig, making them look natural. Also, they serve as tools to hold the wig in place.

For instance, a hairband would secure the wig within its elastic hold. You could also use a scarf or hair clip to suit your style. Furthermore, styling your hair with accessories upgrades the look of the synthetic wig.

Clips are important accessories for wigs. You can sew the clips into your wig claps to make it more convenient for you. And if you want a sleek arch design, you can use the clips to hold stray hairs down.

And you can’t have a complete toolset without t-pins. T-pins are used for more elaborate styling that has to do with pinning your wigs in.

They are flexible and rust-resistant. This makes them the perfect handy tool for synthetic wigs any day any time.

8. Change up your wig’s look

Trying a new look with your wig makes it fun and appealing. If you are tired of your old wigs, you can get them shaped or trimmed.

For example, a long wig can be trimmed shorter, thinned, and layered to make it look different. Your hairstylist could help you redefine your wig to something new if you are not experienced with modifying a synthetic wig.

9. Use steam not heat

Avoid using heating tools like a straightener or curling iron to style synthetic wigs. Heating tools will ruin the fibers of your synthetic wig.

However, steam is passable to treat a synthetic wig. A hand steamer is an added tool synthetic wig users should have handy.

You can use them to redefine the curls with a steamer. All you have to do is roll your wig with a foam roller, then use a steamer on it to set the style. And when the wig is dry, take out the rollers.

Synthetic Wigs FAQs

style synthetic wigs

What is a synthetic wig?

A synthetic wig is a hair made from fine fiber.

Hair made from synthetic fiber is usually set in style. It is the oldest material used in making wigs.

Over the years, synthetic wigs have evolved from stiff strings patched together as wigs. Once, people could spot a wig from far with the old synthetic fibers.

However, things have changed. You might not identify a synthetic wig even after feeling the smooth texture.

Synthetic wigs are low maintained compared to their other counterpart human hair. Also, It is lightweight and inexpensive of the two types.

There is also an unlimited color range for synthetic wigs. Their colors do not fade and you can enjoy them throughout their entire lifespan. However, you cannot dye or change the colors of your synthetic wigs.

You can make synthetic fiber hairs into different types of wigs. This includes the regular wig, weaves, lace wigs, attached hairs, and hair extensions. The best synthetic wigs are just as high quality as natural human hair.

Can you style synthetic wigs?

Yes, you can. You can style synthetic wigs however you want. You just have to make sure you use the right tools and products specifically made for synthetic wigs.

Also, you have to follow the tips to keep a healthy synthetic wig. Even though you style your wig however you want, it won’t shine if it is not properly cared for.

Protecting the integrity of your wig is also a way of styling it. As highlighted earlier, stay away from heating tools.

You can opt for a steamer instead to protect your wig from thinning or ruining the synthetic fiber hairs of the wig.

How do you style synthetic wigs?

Styling synthetic wigs is not a complicated routine. All it entails is knowing what to do with your tools and products.

It also helps if you have an idea of what you want to get from your wig. The following easy steps are a guide to getting your synthetic wig styled.

  • Wash the wig
  • Comb the wig on a foam head. Use your fingers to detangle for short wigs.
  • Brush all hairs backward
  • Then focus on creating a clean part
  • Use the products you wish
  • Use your accessories to enhance the look
  • Depending on the type of wig it is and closure, you can either style it into a bun, braid, ponytail, or just let it flow down if it is long.
  • Wear your wig


You can get the best from your synthetic wig when you care for them. Styling your wigs starts with washing and combing them.

Synthetic wigs already come pre-styled, so not to lose your wig’s integrity, use the right tools and products.

Styling synthetic wigs is an essential routine of treating your wigs right. Not only do you enhance the look of your wig, but you also get to preserve it, increasing its lifespan.

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