Wedding Guest Gifts Ideas (25 Things You Probably Haven’t Thought Of)

Are you trying to find wedding guest gifts but you have zero ideas about where to start? This article is for you.

Wedding guest gifts ideas can be a great way to show your appreciation to all the people who traveled and spent their time with you during the wedding ceremony. The best wedding guest gifts ideas provide a wonderful presentation, show a personal touch, and are extremely thoughtful.

And once you realize how much of an impact wedding gifts can have, you’ll know why it’s worth spending your time choosing them. Read on to discover some great ideas for wedding guest gifts to make your guests feel special.

Wedding Guest Gifts Ideas

1. Personalized Matchboxes

Your wedding day is one that your guests will always remember, but there’s no harm in giving them a little something to help jog their memories when they get home. Personalized matchboxes are perfect for lighting up a candle as they reminisce about your special day.

2. Disposable Cameras

If you want something unique, try giving out disposable cameras for people to take pictures with at the event itself. It’ll be fun for them and provide you with some amazing shots from their perspective when they’re printed afterward.

3. Customized Tea Cups

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to celebrate your wedding without going overboard on wedding gifts, try teacups. These come in sets and you can also customize them with your wedding date.

4. A Copy of Your Wedding Vows

For something more personal, consider giving each guest a copy of your wedding vows. This is an especially good idea if you have a large guest list and can’t share your vows with everyone at once during the ceremony itself.

5. Flip Flops

Packing up and heading out after a long day of celebrating can be hard, especially if you have to sit in traffic or wait in a long line at the airport. So make your guest’s ride home extra comfortable by sending them off with comfy flip flops.

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6. Engraved Knives or Spoons

These gifts would be especially great for a rustic wedding or a garden wedding. You can get a knife and spoon engraved with both your initials and the date of your wedding.

7. Mini Jars

This is another good idea for a rustic wedding or garden wedding. You can get mini jars and fill them with fruit preserves that you make yourself or purchase from an organic farm.

8. Chocolates and Sweets

There’s nothing better than treating your guests to some sweet treats after a long day of celebrating. Chocolates and sweets are fun to give because their small size makes it easier for guests to carry them around.

9. Flower Vases

A very thoughtful gift idea is to give your wedding guests flower vases so they can continue to use them throughout their lives. There are many different styles of flower vases, so you will have no problem finding the best ones for your guests.

10. Picture Frames

Along with flower vases, picture frames are another thoughtful gift idea for wedding guests. Your guests will remember your wedding anytime they look at the photos displayed on these timeless pieces.

You can choose a single picture frame or a set of frames if you prefer. Also, look for one that can display multiple photos to save space where it will be displayed.

11. Personalized Shot Glasses

Personalized shot glasses are a surprisingly inexpensive way to give your guests something they’ll use again and again. You can buy the glasses in bulk, then have them personalized with your initials and wedding date.

12. Personalized Wooden Coasters

Another great gift for a rustic or garden wedding is personalized wooden coasters. They can be engraved with the names of each guest as well as the date of the wedding.

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13. Potted Plants

An interesting and creative wedding guest gift is likely to be remembered for years to come. A great idea for this is giving each guest an individual plant in a creative pot that can be enjoyed for many years after your special day.

14. Cookies

Cookies are becoming increasingly popular, especially among couples who want their wedding gifts to be extra meaningful and fun. You can also personalize these cookies with names, so they will make great keepsakes for your guests.

15. Custom-Made Mugs

A gift with a personal touch is always appreciated by the recipient. A custom-made mug is another great gift option, with endless design possibilities and functionalities. For example, you can easily turn your mug into a vase by simply adding flowers.

16. Thank-You Notes

The most traditional way to thank guests is with a handwritten note. You can write these a few weeks before the ceremony and give them to your guests during the ceremony.

17. Photo Album

If you want something more creative than just a thank-you note, consider sending your guests photos from the wedding day in a photo album or scrapbook. You can also add other personal touches by writing the things you like about them or the best moment you’ve spent with them.

18. A Bottle of Wine

Wine is always a good gift, and you can personalize it with custom labels and ribbons. If you have room in your budget, include special wine glasses as well.

19. Personalized Compact Mirrors

These mirrors are sleek, simple, and perfect for checking for food stains on the teeth after the reception. They come in sets and different colors so you can personalize the front of each mirror with your initials and wedding date.

20. Essential Oil Candles

One of the most popular types of candles today is the essential oil candle. These candles burn cleanly and don’t leave harmful residue behind. They also leave behind a subtle aroma that your guests can enjoy for a long time, making them an ideal gift.

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21. Food Recipes

A recipe card with instructions on how to make one of your favorite dishes is both personal and practical. Put it in a pretty frame for an extra special touch.

22. Engraved Pen

One of my favorite ideas for wedding guest gifts is a pen engraved with the initials of the couple and the wedding date. It’s a cute idea that you can go for if you have some extra cash in your wallet.

23. Gift Sets

You don’t need to put much effort into making it special if you choose to go with wedding gift sets. However, customizing the gift sets can add that extra special touch that will make your wedding stand out from the rest.

24. Custom Beer Bottle Openers

If you’re having an outdoor reception, custom beer bottle openers can be a great way to thank your guests for coming to your wedding. They’re likely to use them repeatedly, so it’s not just something that’s going to sit in their kitchen drawer collecting dust like many other gifts you could choose instead.

25. Hand sanitizers

If you’re going to go for something thoughtful and useful, consider giving your guests small bottles of hand sanitizer. They can easily toss these into their purses and use them on the go.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Wedding Guest Gifts

  • Choose gifts that are relevant to the occasion
  • The gifts should be able to represent your feelings towards your guests
  • Choose wedding gifts that match the style of the guests
  • The gifts should be affordable for you.
  • Consider the season during which you’re tying the knot
  • Know how many wedding gifts you plan to give out
  • Consider your guests’ interests and hobbies.

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Do you have to give gifts to each guest at your wedding?

No, you don’t. It’s not compulsory to give gifts to every guest at your wedding. However, if you have the budget for it, you can decide to give all your guests gifts.

What time should evening guests arrive at a wedding?

7–8 p.m. But if there is a particular time mentioned on the invitation, then guests should adhere to it as best as possible.

For example, if the wedding invitation says 6 p.m., then guests need to show up between 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. This also depends on your relationship with the couple and how formal the event is going to be.

Should you give gifts to a couple on their wedding day?

Yes, you should. Giving gifts to a couple on their wedding day shows how much you cherish them and appreciate their invitation.

Is it ok to give gifts when you’re told not to?

No, it is not. If you receive an invitation that says “no gifts” then you should not bring any gifts to the wedding at all.

When it specifically says “no gifts”, that is what the couple wants. The reason for this could be because they already have everything they need and don’t need anything else from their guests.


Wedding guest gifts are a thoughtful way for the bride and groom to say thank you to their guests for spending the special day with them.

If you’re not sure what to give your guests at your wedding, the above wedding guest gifts ideas will set you on the right path. From personalized matchboxes to hand sanitizers, there is something on this list that waill suit your style and budget.

Thanks for reading.

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