Why Do People Wear Underwear? [8 Simple Reasons]

Underwear has surely seen more eras than anyone alive today. While there have been many assumptions as to why people wear underwear, not many know its original purpose and why it’s still a thing.

In this guide, I’ll discuss the real reasons why people wear underwear. Read this to the end to get all your facts right.

What are underwears?

Underwear is an everyday essential for most people.

It’s often known as undergarments or undershirts, and the reason for this is that people wear them under their items of clothing, next to their skin. 

There are different types of underwear for both men and women. Common types are bras, panties, slips, and boxer shorts. Underwear is usually made from fabrics like cotton, nylon, or polyester. 

And choosing the right type for your everyday activities and body time is essential.

What was the original purpose of underwear?

why do people wear underwear

Underwear surfaced as far back as 5000 BC and was first called loin clothes. The interesting twist is that men and women wore them as outerwear to protect their loins.

Today most people wear underwear as an undergarment, and it still serves its original purpose of protecting the private area.

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Why do people wear underwear?

From young to old, underwear has become popular in many countries for different reasons. Here are some of them:

1. To protect your outer clothing from sweat and body oils

If you don’t wear underwear, sweat and body oil can seep through your clothes more easily and make them stained and smelly. This can happen when you’re in hot weather or during workouts.

2. To keep private parts private

This is perhaps the most obvious reason. Wearing underwear helps to keep genitals covered and out of sight. It also helps to adhere to cultures where exposing any part of the private areas is taboo.

3. To support your breasts and prevent back pain

Underwear, especially a bra in this case helps to support your breast and hold them together. That way your outfit looks good on you, and your breast tissues are at ease.

Underwear also helps most women to hold their menstrual pads in place.

4. To avoid chafing between your legs or under your arms

Skin-on-skin contact can generate friction, which leads to chafing, rashes, and other discomforts. Underwear helps to minimize and prevent this.

5. To feel sexy and give a boost of confidence

Good underwear can make you feel great about your body no matter what you are wearing on top. It can also be a naughty secret between you and your partner.

6. To follow trends and keep up with the latest styles

No one wants to be left behind. If a style of bikini is in vogue, it’s only normal to want to get your hands on it. This also happens with bras and other underwear when a new launch is announced.

7. To make a statement and show off your personality

If you’ve been invited to a pool party, your underwear can be your best way to show off your body and personality.

Most people also take out time to choose fitting underwear that can help them make a fashion statement effortlessly, even if it means buying expensive designer wear.

8. For comfort

If you’re comfortable in your underwear, you’re more likely to feel comfortable all through the day. This is even true during your menstrual cycle, you may never feel comfortable leaving the house without underwear.

Is it necessary to wear underwear?

Yes, it is.

The reason is that underwear helps to absorb sweat and keeps the genitals clean and dry. It also helps to protect the genitals from chafing and rubbing against clothing.

In addition, underwear can help to prevent sexually transmitted infections by providing a barrier between the skin and infected secretions.

What happens if you stop wearing underwear?

Just as we have many benefits of wearing underwear, there are advantages too to ditching your underwear once in a while. Here are some of them:

It may reduce the risk of developing a yeast infection

Wearing underwear helps to keep the area around your lady parts clean and dry. That’s because it absorbs moisture released from your body, including sweat and natural lubrication.

However, this moisture can be trapped between your underpants and your skin, leading to a higher risk of developing a UTI or yeast infection since these conditions thrive in warm, moist environments. Not wearing underwear can help you avoid this. 

It may help prevent skin irritation 

If you’re prone to getting skin irritation or rashes from tight-fitting underwear, going commando may help prevent them. Commando here simply means stripping off your underwear and going bare.

This is especially true for people with conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

It can make sex more fun

If you find underwear a nuisance during sex, it’s only normal to stop wearing it for that season.

You’ll have fewer laundry loads

Not having to wash and launder your underwear every week can save you time and money. But considering the benefits of wearing underwear, you may not want to explore this option.

Your privates may air out

Wearing no underwear allows your genitals to breathe and may help prevent problems like bacterial overgrowth, fungal infections, and odors. This is why some people prefer to go to bed without underwear.

You will feel freer

There’s something freeing about not wearing underwear. If you’re used to going commando, the thought of wearing panties or a thong may feel constricting.

Feel more comfortable

Some people prefer not to wear underwear so they can feel more comfortable. If your underwear is constantly riding up or shifting around, it can be a major annoyance. Going commando can help you avoid that discomfort.


Are corsets a type of underwear?

Yes, they are.

Traditionally, people wore corsets as underwear. The reason is that it can shape their body into an hourglass silhouette.

Is it better to go to bed without underwear?

Not necessarily. There is no proof yet that going to bed without underwear is better. It’s all still based on preference.

What are other names for underwear?

Unmentionables, undies, union suit, pants, long johns, drawers. These are some of the common names for underwear.


Underwear serves many purposes, and in this guide, you’ve seen why people wear them.

Underwears are comfortable, can protect your privates, and make you feel sexy.

So, no matter what your reasons are for wearing underwear, make sure that you find a pair that makes you feel good and ticks off most of the qualities in this guide.

Thanks for reading.

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