Eyelash Extension Aftercare: 11 Effective Maintenance Tips That Actually Work

Eyelash extensions are probably the best innovations in the beauty world. Investing in lash enhancements is never a bad idea as you get value for your money. All you have to do is see a professional, and follow your eyelash extension aftercare instructions.

Lash extensions will have you looking glamorous even without you wearing makeup. The best thing you can do to make them last longer is to maintain them properly. Meanwhile, the best way to maintain your lashes is by adhering strictly to aftercare tips and instructions. 

The eyelash extension aftercare instructions in this article will help to keep your lashes clean and prevent eye infections. It will also save you the stress and money of having to replace them too often.  

Keep reading to discover the best 11 eyelash maintenance tips for you to retain your gorgeous falsies for a longer time.

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1. Don’t Get Them Wet for the First 48 Hours

You shouldn’t get your lashes wet within the first 48 hours after application. Avoid washing your eyes, swimming, or other activities that can get your eyelash extension wet. This is because water can affect the bonding of the glue and make it break easily.

2. Wash Them Regularly After the 48 Hours

You can start washing your lashes after 48 hours, as dirt will begin to build up around your lash line if you don’t. The buildup of dirt around the lash line can cause eye infections and other eye concerns. Therefore, clean your lash extensions regularly, as often as every 3 days. 

How to do it: 

  • Use a soft brush to brush the lashes
  • Use an eyelash extension cleanser or distilled water to wash them
  • To rinse out the cleanser, allow the water from your shower to run down your face

3. Brush the Lash Extensions

Brush your eyelash tips every morning to set them in shape and keep them looking good. You can make use of a clean dry stoolie or mascara brush to brush them as you use your clean finger to keep the lashes in place.

4. Be Cautious With Products

Avoid all oil-based products around your eyelash extensions as you go about your everyday beauty routine. Be sure to check your products before using them, especially your cosmetic products.

5. Be Careful With Makeup

You might want to do away with mascara, even the ones labeled “extension-safe”. Using waterproof mascara on your lashes can soften the glue used in bonding the lash extension. 

For eyeliners, stick to water-based ones and avoid using waterproof liners. Likewise, powdered eyeshadows are not a wise choice either as the powder can stick to the glue and cause a buildup. Additionally, you have to be gentle when taking off your makeup at night. 

6. Don’t Pick at Them

It is natural for your lash extensions to feel weird at first. However, no matter how weird they feel, avoid picking at them or trying to remove the lashes. This can cause damage to your natural lashes. 

Just remain calm, the weird feeling will vanish after a couple of days and you will feel more comfortable with them.

7. Always Sleep on Your Back 

Be sure to lay on your back after the application of your lash extensions. Sleeping on your sides or stomach can crush your lashes and reduce their lifespan. 

8. Avoid Clustering Lashes

Cluster lashes will give you a voluminous look but it can make your lashes heavy. It pulls your natural lashes and that can ruin them over time. Therefore, avoid cluster lashes no matter how tempting they are. 

9. Avoid Eyelash Curler

This is beauty equipment you have to avoid at all costs as it can damage your lash extensions and pull them out. Only use eyelash curls on your natural lashes when you don’t have extensions on.

10. Avoid Extreme Heat

Avoid going too close to the oven, or even the light of your cigarette and candles. Extreme heat can ruin your lash extensions—be careful around heat. Your lashes can shrivel up when it gets too close to the heat.

11. Avoid Chemical Peels and Facials

Avoid chemical peels and facials around your lash line. That is the best way to protect your eyes from irritations. Having chemical peels seep through your lashes can cause irritation to the eyelids and eyes. It will also shorten the lifespan of your lash extensions.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe With Contacts?

You can wear your contact lenses with your lash extensions as it is completely safe. However, you shouldn’t do this during your lash appointment. You have to remove your contacts during the application of the eyelashes. 

You will be required to close your eyes during the application of the lash extensions. This is to protect your eyes from the lash adhesive and fumes from the adhesive. 

Closing your eyes with your contacts leaves your eyes prone to infections, as it limits the oxygen in your eyes and keeps the moisture accentuated. Therefore put on your glasses instead of contacts when going for your lash appointment.

Does Eyelash Extension Removal Hurt?

The removal process of eyelash extension does not hurt as it is pretty quick and painless. It only takes about 10 minutes when done by a professional lash technician.

However, if you decide to remove the lashes yourself, you may hurt yourself. This is because the adhesive used for the application of eyelash extensions is medical-grade glue. Forcing the lashes to come off on your own by pulling can cause pain and irritation.

Therefore, visit a professional for the removal of your lash extensions. Save yourself the pain and stress of forcing the lashes to come off.

Does Eyelash Adhesive Expire?

Eyelash glue expires—always check the container for the expiry date. Ensure that you get rid of your eyelash glue once it expires. 

Eyelash glues usually last about 3 to 6 months, but only if you store them properly. Improper storage reduces its lifespan to just 2 months. Aside from the expiry date, throw your lash glue away if:

  • The glue is dried out
  • The bottle or container won’t open
  • It looks stringy 
  • You notice a change in the consistency

When Can You Wear Makeup After Eyelash Extensions?

Even though lash extensions give you an amazing look without makeup, you can still decide to glam up your face for a more luminous look. After the first 48 hours after lash application, you can begin to wear your makeup.  

However, avoid oil-based makeup products as they can dissolve the bond of your lash extensions. Additionally, avoid waterproof products as they will require the use of oil-based makeup remover to take them off. 

When Do Eyelash Extensions Start Falling Out?

You may begin to notice your lash extensions fall out after 2 to 3 weeks of the application, depending on where and how it was done. 

Your lash extensions may fall out due to several other reasons including the natural lash shedding phase—the phase where our natural lashes shed for new ones to grow. 

Even though you can’t control how or when your natural lashes shed, you can make your lash extensions last longer by adhering to eyelash extension aftercare instructions. 

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Where should eyelash extensions be placed?

Lash extensions should be placed along your natural lashes, about 0.5mm to 0.1mm away from the lash line. 

Placing the lash extension further away will leave a visible gap. While placing it too close will get it on your natural lashes, which is bad for your natural lashes. 

Can you use an eye cream with lash extensions?

Yes, you can. You can apply eye cream with your lash extensions on. Applying eye cream with your lash extensions won’t damage them or cause them to shed. 

However, ensure that your eye cream is oil-free as oils can dissolve the bond of your eyelash adhesive over time. This will cause the lash extensions to fall out quickly. 

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The beauty of your eyelash extensions comes from the aftercare process. Leaving your lashes after the application and not adhering to the eyelash extension aftercare instructions will reduce the quality of the appearance.

Therefore, it is important to follow the eyelash extension aftercare instructions given by your lash technician. Avoid using oil-based and waterproof products after the application of your lash extensions as they can break down the bond of your lash adhesive. 

Thanks for reading.

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