What Is Baked Makeup? See How to Get the Sunny Look

Ever wondered why TikTok and Instagram are filled with people wearing sun-kissed, flawless makeup? That is baked makeup. Yes, baked makeup has nothing to do with a kitchen oven or flour. Baked makeup is a trend that is taking over the beauty space with its flawlessness.

So, baked makeup is indeed a thing, and you can try it too. It may sound like a difficult task that will involve some messing it up and starting all over (it may) but it is doable.

Before your first attempt at baked makeup, you should know what it is, what it does to your face, and how to do it. This article contains all these details. Keep scrolling to read more.

What Is Baking in Makeup?

Baked makeup is the result of a layering method that sets your makeup to give your face a flawless, airbrushed look. If you check well, makeup baking is not a new trend but it recently gained popularity as celebrities and influencers are fast adopting the technique for a flawless look.

Baking works with applying a good deal of translucent setting powder around your under-eyes and cheekbones and brushing off the powder after some minutes. During the time the powder is on your face, it sets the liquid foundation or concealer you applied underneath it.

In addition, with baked makeup, the products to use are creams and liquids. This means that you can wet your powdery makeup items to create the baked finish. But you should know your way around doing this to avoid creating a mess on your face and with your products.

What Does Baking Do to Your Makeup?

  • Baking gives you flawless makeup
  • Sweat-free, long-lasting makeup because it doesn’t slide or budge
  • A red carpet look
  • It gives your overall appearance a good deal of shimmer and vibrancy
  • Baked makeup highlights your eye area and gives your cheekbones a more sculpted look
  • Since you’re using liquid products, you can have more coverage
  • Baking your makeup is a good way to conceal nasolabial folds

What Do You Use for Baked Makeup?

What you need to bake your makeup are:

  • A translucent, setting powder
  • A damp makeup sponge
  • Fluffy makeup brush
  • Primer
  • Liquid foundation or concealer
  • An eye cream
  • Setting spray

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Steps to Bake Your Makeup

1. Prep your face

Prepare your face with primer to create a smooth canvas for makeup application. Use a primer that works for your skin type and concerns. Primers also help to keep your skin hydrated and protected from harsh chemicals in makeup products.

Take a pea-sized amount of primer and apply it all over your face. Leave it to dry for a few minutes before you move to the next step.

2. Apply eye cream

After prepping your face with primer, apply eye cream around your eyes to hydrate the skin there. The eye cream will also help to smoothen out wrinkles or fine lines that can affect the final appearance of your makeup. Moreover, it will help brighten dark circles that make the eyes look tired.

3. Apply liquid foundation

Thereafter, dab on liquid foundation all over your face to create a base. The foundation will also help to even your skin tone. Put foundation on the back of your hand and use a makeup sponge to apply it to your face.

Use the sponge to blend in the foundation until you have even coverage. Then, leave it to dry for a few minutes.

4. Conceal

Apply concealer to your under-eyes and any other area of your face where you have dark spots, pigmentation, and any other imperfections you’ll like to conceal. It also creates a smooth base for baking your makeup.

Use a beauty blender to blend it in to give you natural coverage. Blend under your eyes, your cheeks, chin area, and temples until they have a uniform tone.

5. Apply loose powder

The baking process fully starts here. Generously apply loose translucent setting powder to your under-eye area, chin, and other areas that tend to crease. You can either use a blending brush or a damp makeup sponge to apply the powder.

Dampen a makeup sponge with setting spray and dip it into the powder. To avoid wasting powder, pour some of the powder into the lid. Don’t rub the powder in, pack it onto the areas you want to set or bake and leave it to sit for 10 minutes.

During this time, the makeup will oxidize. The powder will soak up excess oil from the foundation and concealer and keep it from creasing. While you wait for it to bake, you can move on to eye makeup, drawing your brows, and styling your hair.

6. Dust off excess powder

When your makeup is fully baked, use a fluffy brush to dust off the excess powder. You’ll notice smooth, silky skin after you have taken off the excess powder. Blend the edges for smooth and even coverage.

7. Sculpt and blend

Afterward, apply blush to sculpt your cheekbones. Then, use the blending brush to blend uneven edges and give your face a good finish. Make sure you’re not removing any product as you blend.

There, your face is all baked up.

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What Are the Benefits of Baked Makeup?

It is chemical-free makeup

Baked makeup products use pigments instead of chemicals to create a flawless, long-lasting look. This is the reason why your makeup feels lightweight and your skin is breathable. Moreover, they are majorly non-comedogenic and give you the same benefits as wearing mineral makeup.

The glow

The glow of baked makeup comes with the final result. Baked makeup products are made of multi-colored pigments in moderate amounts. This is why your skin looks luminous when you step out on a sunny day. If your concern is dry skin with a dull complexion, baked makeup got you covered.

It is flexible

The flexibility of baking makeup is however understandable and doable by those who have become pros at it. You can use baked powders, blush, highlighter, bronzer, and eyeshadow either wet or dry.

However, your foundation and/or concealer (depending on how you choose to set your base) must be in liquid form.

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A 24-hour no retouch makeup

It’s not a myth or false hope that baking your makeup gives you long-lasting, budge-free, sweat-free, crease-free makeup. Baked makeup allows you to go out without carrying an extra purse to retouch your makeup. At last, you can have your dream always-fresh face beat.

Is There Any Difference Between Baked Makeup and Regular Makeup?

Baked makeup and regular makeup are two different makeup layering techniques. Baked makeup products leave out heavy chemicals like bismuth and talc which are the binders and fillers you find in regular makeup products. As a result, it is lightweight and not congesting.

More so, the absence of fillers and binders makes the baked makeup products have more pigments than regular makeup products. Also, baked products are less chalkier than regular products.

Additionally, baked makeup products create a shimmery vibrant finish when used wet or dry. Regular makeup, on the other hand, could get messy when it comes in contact with water.

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Is baking your makeup necessary?

Baking your makeup is not a compulsory method of makeup application. You can apply your cosmetics without baking your face. The purpose of baking your makeup is to give you long-lasting, flawless makeup. It also gives your eyes and cheekbones an airbrushed look.

Should you bake your face before or after foundation?

Foundation is the base of baked makeup. Set up the base with a liquid foundation or concealer before you apply translucent powder to begin the baking process. Remember that baking your makeup doesn’t work with powder foundation.

Do you bake your face before or after bronzer?

Baking comes after applying bronzer. Contouring is an essential part of baking your makeup. So, sculpt your cheekbones with a bronzer after baking to highlight your facial features.


What a relief to have a way out of creased makeup before the end of the day. It keeps your makeup together for a long period. You’ll agree that baking your makeup is a way to brighten your eye area too. It is indeed all the drama to give your face beat.

Now you know that baked makeup is nothing like your kitchen recipes but everything you see on the faces of your favorite celebrities and influencers. So, you can try to bake your makeup and fill your feed filter-free.

Thanks for reading.

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