How to Organize Makeup: Best Way to Transform Your Space in Quick Steps

Not only is a well-organized dressing table attractive for TikTok videos and the gram, but it is also more accessible. How well you organize your makeup makes taking inventory easy. It also reduces the risk of getting lipstick and powder broken.

Foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipgloss, e.t.c. all come in different packaging, shapes, and sizes. These are some of the factors that determine what stays where. It does sound quite tedious but when you have it all sorted, you’re about to get on a journey of 100% glam.

Ahead, this article details a complete guide on how to organize your makeup collection in different ways, depending on where and how you like to keep them.

1. How to Organize Makeup in a Drawer

  • Start with taking a measurement of the sides of your drawer(s). This will help you get containers that fit
  • Then, ransack your kitchen for plastic containers that can fit into the drawer. You could also get inexpensive plastic, transparent containers from the stores
  • Stacking refrigerator trays will help a great deal
  • Afterward, take out everything in your drawer and begin to sort
  • Check for expired and empty products, check for products of similar shades, abandoned products, and the sorts. Pick them out and trash them
  • Thereafter, clean what’s left of your collection
  • Proceed to disinfect the drawers to get rid of insects
  • In addition, wash all your tools – brushes and blenders
  • Divide your drawers into compartments and label each container with easy to understand labels like lips, eyes, nails, daily essentials
  • Arrange your makeup according to how frequently you use them. For instance, products you use every day or your go-to products should be in closest proximity
  • Then, all other products can be grouped according to their purposes and types. For instance, every makeup that goes on your eyes should be put together and the same should apply to others
  • On the top of the drawer, make sure your mirror is well-positioned to reflect the angles of your face
  • Finally, you can decorate your space as you like

2. How to Organize Makeup in a Bathroom

  • Your bathroom may not have as much drawer space as your bedroom does. So, you’ll have to maximize wall space
  • Improvise with transparent bags and shoe organizers
  • Also, you can hang open shelves on the wall to keep plastic containers on it
  • You can also make DIY magnet boards from pieces of magnets and a plain board
  • Declutter your products and sort them based on their usefulness and how frequent you use them
  • Meanwhile, you should throw away expired, unneeded, and duplicate products
  • Arrange them based on their purpose of use. Gather brushes in glass jars, eye makeup together, nail items in one kit and so on
  • Additionally, you can make use of the door knob. Hang plastic bags that contain everyday essentials on it

3. How to Organize Makeup in a Small Space

  • The best way to organize makeup in a small space is to use containers
  • Moreover, there are stands and cases that can take so many products at a time. Over the door armoires, roll-up cases, and rotating stands are examples of such stands
  • In a small space, containers and bags keep products organized and easily accessible
  • Also, you can invest in drawers with dividers, improvise with old candle jars to store brushes
  • Before arranging products into drawers and containers, make sure you declutter and sort useful products
  • Separate everyday essentials and keep them in close proximity for easy access

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4. How to Organize Makeup in Palettes

  • Arranging makeup in pallets creates a more organized look for your dresser
  • To organise your makeup in palettes, it is best to leave the drawers for brushes and other applicators because of dust
  • This organisation is best for products that come in palettes. Some of them include concealer, eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation and bronzer
  • You can get a stacking refrigerator tray and divide it, so that it can take each palette horizontally
  • Also, you can get vertical palette organizers or improvise with household items like wire baskets, bookshelves, a CD rack, or make DIY magnet boards to utilize wall space
  • Organising makeup in palettes is not only beautiful and creative, it makes things look more orderly and prevents having crammed up drawers

5. How to Organize Makeup Brushes

  • It is normal to have so many brushes for different purposes and sometimes they are all over the place or missing
  • Therefore, you need to organize your makeup brushes carefully and neatly to keep them intact and accessible
  • You don’t need to throw away old candle holders, they make good containers for brushes
  • Check for damaged brushes and throw them away
  • Thereafter, arrange the good ones with the bristles facing upwards
  • Keep the everyday brushes in proximity and you can stash the others in drawers, wraps, or the brush book

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6. How to Organize Makeup Bag

  • Makeup bags differ based on the size of your makeup collection
  • Compartmentalized bags best do the work
  • Start with decluttering and rearranging your products. Remove duplicates, expired and broken products you don’t need
  • Cleanse the bag and products to remove makeup smudges
  • Then, proceed to separate your items into transparent bags to make it easier to find them
  • Gather the applicators together into a bag. Also, section products based on purpose into separate bags
  • If your makeup bag has a lot of inner compartments, you can do the same separation but this time according to size and shapes for order
  • Arrange makeup palettes carefully to protect the contents from breaking and spilling
  • Additionally, because makeup bags may not take so many products, it is best to do away with duplicates or keep them in drawers

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7. How to Organize Makeup for Travel

  • When packing makeup for a trip, you should be centered on effectiveness and work away from the bulk
  • More so, you can’t carry so many containers other than your makeup bag
  • Starting with your brushes, go with only the necessities and neatly arrange them in a compact wrap bag
  • Thereafter, move on to your products. Rather than pick individual products, go with combination products like a palette that has more than one product on it (e.g eyeshadow-bronzer or highlighter-contour-bronzer)
  • Maximize space and drop products you won’t be needing
  • In addition, instead of going with a pack of wipes, a facial wash would do

Pro tip: When arranging palettes, place a cotton pad between the makeup and the lid of the palette. This will cushion the products and prevent breakage

8. How to Organize Makeup Vanity

  • The first step in organising your makeup vanity is to position a clear, large mirror with LED lights against your window. You’ll need the bright lights for proper application of your products
  • Your vanity desk should have a lot of drawers (preferably divided) to store your makeup. Vanity uses both desk top (although minimal) and drawers to store makeup
  • For ease, you can store your brushes in two cups
  • Sort out your products and neatly arrange them in clear trays inside the drawers
  • Keep the essentials on the top of the desk in a small tray and stash every other thing away
  • You can also have a portable mirror on the table on the side of your less dominant hand
  • Add a small pot of flowers and scented candles will help create ambience and give off pleasant scents

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How should you declutter your makeup collection?

Pour out all your products on a clean towel and sort. Remove expired products, free samples, duplicates, and unneeded products. Moreover, if you have unopened products that are still in good condition, you can sell them on platforms like eBay or give them out.

What are the makeup everyday essentials?

Your everyday essentials include powder, neutral eyeshadow, concealer, foundation, setting powder, mascara, eyeliner, and maybe blush. These are the necessary products for everyday makeup. Therefore, they should always be close by for easy access.

Where should you position your dressing table?

The dressing table should be in front of a mirror for proper lighting. It can be at the foot of your bed, directly facing the bed, or a few degrees away. In addition, if you’re trying to manage space, you can place it beside the bed.


Decluttering and rearranging your makeup collection sounds easier when it’s all in your head. Implementing could be quite the Herculean task, especially if you have a variety of one makeup.

Regardless of the size of your makeup collection, you need to get things in order in that zone. This order includes a routine check for expired and empty products packs, cleaning your tools like brushes and beauty blenders, cleaning your tabletops and drawers.

An organized makeup collection makes an organized face beat.

Thanks for reading.

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