What Is The Biggest Cup Size Of Bras For Women?

The biggest cup size can be as high as a ZZZ. However, these rare numbers. Big cup sizes are not defined as small cup sizes. That’s because the breast can keep growing indefinitely.

The current Guinness World Record holder for the biggest breast is sitting at 70 inches in cup size.

Therefore, getting the biggest cup size is always changing. Regardless, there are measurements you will fall under if you find yourself with large breasts.

Read this article to know the average biggest cup size for bras along with instructions on how to get your exact bra measurement.

What’s a bra cup size?

A bra cup size is the measurement of the circumference of the bust around the fullest part (around the nipple). These measurements are represented in letters ranging from A to H for average sizes.

However, you have particular variations and numbers to show distinct features. For example, AAA is a small cup for breasts lesser than 1/2 inch.

Cup sizes are not the same as bra sizes. They are quite different in measurement. A bra size is a compound of the cup and band sizes. Therefore, you’ll have bra sizes in 36C, 44D, or 34A sizes. The number is the band size, and the letter is the cup size.

Consequently, you can say cup sizes make up part of bra size.

What’s the biggest cup size?

biggest cup size

The cup sizes change, with a few distinct sizes that are larger than normal (although rare). However, the average biggest cup size is I. The H cup is large but common.

Uncommon big cup bra sizes are from J upwards. The cup can run as large as ZZZ.

The current Guinness World Record Holder for largest breast is Annie Hawkins-Turner, with a bra size of 102ZZZ. Her bust size measures over 70 inches and about 27 inches in the difference between bust and band.

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What’s the biggest cup size in the US?

The biggest cup size in the United States goes as high as R. The size runs over 18 inches in size.

What’s the biggest cup size in the UK?

The United Kingdom has a cup size for bras up to M.

The difference in inches between the bra bust and band goes as high as 18 inches.

The UK cup sizes have more double alphabets than the US cup chart, with more singles after DDDD.

What’s the biggest cup size for Victoria’s Secret?

According to the chart of the luxury lingerie brand, it’s a DDD (F) for their notable pink bra and G for regular bras. Victoria’s Secret does not run in bigger sizes.

What’s the biggest cup size at Lane Bryant?

The plus size brand has a cup size fit of I, J, and K.

However, the brand allows for bust measurement for perfect or custom-fitted bras. Therefore, you can walk to any of their stores to get a perfect-fit bra.

What is the biggest cup size for swimwear?

This depends on the brand.

Some swimwear brands have a cup as large as G for two-piece swimsuits and tankinis, while others run small in the D for bikinis and swimsuits.

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Are there bralettes with big cup sizes?

Yes, there are.

You can look to brands like Savage x Fenty, Mae, or Parade for large sizes in bralettes.

How to find your cup size

To find your cup, follow these steps:

  • Get a measuring tape.
  • Start with the band measurement. Simply wrap the tape around the circumference of your torso, under your bust, and around the ribcage.
  • If you get an even number, add +4. Meanwhile, add +5 if you get an odd number. The band number must be even.
  • The number you get is your band.
  • Then, measure the circumference of your bust by placing the tape parallel across the fullest part of your breast.
  • After, subtract the band from the bust size. This will give you your cup size. The higher the inch, the higher the size.

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How to know your cup fits

These are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to check if your cup fits you perfectly. They include:

  • The full breast should sit in the cup comfortably without the sides slipping out.
  • The nipple should be at the center of the cup.
  • Your chest should contrast and relax (breathing) with ease without feeling tight.
  • The underwire, pressed against the sternum, should hold the bust in place without pressing into your bust’s skin.
  • For regular bras, there shouldn’t be an excessive bulge at the front (except for push-ups).

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Are large breasts abnormal?

No, they are not.

Although there are cases of gigantomastia (excessive breast growth) and symptomatic macromastia (abnormally large breasts), having a big breast is not abnormal.

However, if you feel your breasts are growing at an alarming rate, you should see a medical professional for a diagnosis.

Are big breasts uncomfortable?

Having big breasts can be uncomfortable for some people.

Back and neck pains, aches, and body image changes are some things people with big breasts experience. While some do not mind and use their breasts to their advantage, others find it uncomfortable.

However, it depends on you. If you feel the breasts are uncomfortable, you can go for breast reduction surgeries to reduce the size of your breasts. But there is nothing as good as loving yourself the way you are.

Is the DDDD cup common?

Yes, it is. DDDD (G) is quite common to have. The cup has a difference of 7 inches between the bust and the underbust. The cup falls under the average biggest cup for bust.

Are big cup sizes the same?

No, they are not.

Cup sizes vary depending on brands and countries. The US sizes are not the same size as the UK size, Asian, or Australian sizes.

For instance, a U.S. H-cup is G in the UK and FF in Australia. Also, some brands run smaller than others. While brands like Victoria’s Secret run smaller, Savage x Fenty runs bigger than most.


The biggest bra size according to the Guinness Book of Records is 102ZZZ. However, for average cup size, J is common. This doesn’t mean there aren’t larger breast sizes, as the letters go up to O.

However, anything after J is on the larger side, and you will find big cup sizes in rarity here, and are hard to find at regular retail stores. Nonetheless, there are always brands that will cater to these large busts. You just have to look for them.

If your cup falls on the larger side, but you don’t know exactly where, you can take your measurement using the following guide above. And if your bust is growing at an alarming rate, you should see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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