Do Adidas Shoes Run Big Or Small Or True To Size?

Every sneakerhead who adores the Adidas brand has undoubtedly asked if their shoes run big, small, or true to size. This intriguing question is asked mostly because the brand is a German company, so there’s a possibility that it doesn’t always use standard US sizing.

Due to this, many people go through a mini-crisis when shopping online. You might be a US size 6, and this wouldn’t matter because you could end up wearing a smaller or bigger size, depending on the brand and shoe model.

Therefore, you should read this article to determine whether Adidas shoes run big, small, or true to size.

What does it mean for shoes to run big or small?

Run big or run small are the terms used in the clothing world to refer to their propensity to be smaller or larger than most brands with the same size label.

However, when a brand is described as “fitting true to size,” it means that the shoe conforms to the standard sizing chart.

Do Adidas shoes run big or small or true to size?

adidas fit to size

Adidas sizes are true to size.

However, if you find that your shoe is not comfy as you would want, the label itself suggests going up a size for a looser fit, or you try a size down for a tighter fit.

Why do some shoes run big or small?

Some brands will run narrower and others wider due to the brand and where they are being produced.

For instance, Adidas shoes are made in Europe and some parts of Asia; there could be a mix in size if they are labeled in the US sizing format.

Are Adidas shoes wide or narrow?

Adidas shoes are typically wide, not narrow. This is to give the feet more room to spread out.

Is Adidas a smaller fit than Nike?

No, it is not.

Nike and Adidas both manufacture shoes in conventional shoe sizes. Any distinctions must be attributed to the use of subtly different lasts [a block used to build shoe shape] for different styles.


adidas shoe size

Is Adidas shoe sizing different from other brands?

Yes, it is but just a little.

Adidas’ conversion of sizes to those of the majority of American shoe brands (except New Balance) has a bit of a difference. Therefore, you may need to go a size higher for some shoes and lower for others.

Should you go a size up when buying Adidas running shoes?

Yes, you should.

Running farther causes your foot to expand more naturally. As a result, it’s advisable to leave a small gap (about a thumb’s width) between your longest toe and the shoe’s front.

With this in mind, you should buy a pair of running shoes about a half size bigger than the ones you typically wear.

Why does Adidas have different logos?

Adidas has added a different logo which is used to differentiate its merchandise. Adidas’ original products use the Trefoil logo, while products with tech or sports focus use the mountain logo.

Is it better to have running shoes that are too big or too small?

In general, running in slightly too big shoes is preferable to running in significantly too small shoes. Your left and right feet could be as much as one full size apart. Consequently, your shoes could get uncomfortable if it is too small than if it is too big.


Different brands with their different types of shoes fit differently. We have the US, UK, Europe, and Japan all using different metrics for measuring sizes. Therefore, it could be tiring for most consumers when these shoe sizes don’t fit consistently across the brands.

The good news about Adidas sneakers is that they fit true to size. This means that when you buy an Adidas shoe, you are more likely to acquire your preferred shoe size. However, if they are too snug, it is always best to go up a size.

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