Get Slime Out of Kids Hair With These Simple DIYs

Children find playing with slime fun and thrilling; you can say they do not get tired. As an advantage for you, it buys you some time to rest. On the other hand, the aftermath could get you looking everywhere for how to get slime out of their hair, clothes, and everything.

To solve the puzzle, you need to first know the rudiments of what you’re dealing with. Then, you tackle it with what it hates. Yes, that does the trick. Homemade slime is made by mixing borax, Elmer’s glue, baking soda, and food coloring.

So, when next you see the ooey-gooey substance all over your child’s hair, your pet’s fur, and maybe your hair, do not panic. There are so many ways to clean that out. Roll up your sleeves as we dig out materials that slime doesn’t like.

10 Materials to Help You Get Slime Out of Hair

how to get slime out of hair

It is best and easier to get slime out of hair when it still has all the stickiness. The products can easily slide off the slime. Moreover, if slime dries up into clumps, you’ll be having more work to do.

1. Conditioner and Shampoo

Yes, conditioner and shampoo. To wash slime out of your hair, start with the conditioner. This is because conditioners contain oil and slime is no lover of oil. Here’s how to go about it:

  • First, rinse hair with warm water. The heat of the water breaks the bonds that give the slime a hold on your hair
  • Next, generously apply conditioner on the slime-coated strands
  • Rub in the conditioner until it is evenly distributed
  • After that, use a fine-tooth comb to work through the hair. You’ll see pieces of slime attached to the comb
  • Ensure you rinse the comb in between combing out the slime
  • When you’re sure you have combed well, rinse out the conditioner
  • Lastly, apply shampoo to hair and massage it into a lather
  • Do this well because it gets rid of any slime residue and leaves your hair squeaky clean
  • Dry the hair and apply hair oil to restore moisture to your scalp and strands
  • You can go over the steps if you still notice traces of slime in your hair

2. Baby Oil or Cooking Oil

Your cooking oils are very powerful slime removal agents. Whether it is olive or vegetable oil, you’re good to go.

  • Take some spoons of oil, according to how much slime you want to get out of the hair
  • Spread it all over the slime-coated hair and work it in with your fingers. You should do this according to the direction of hair growth
  • During the oil massage, you’ll notice that the slime loosens its hold
  • At this point, you can begin to comb it out and rinse slime off the comb as you work
  • When you’re done, use a conditioner and shampoo to wash any slime residue and the oiliness out of your hair
  • Properly dry and moisturize your hair from your scalp up to the hair strands

3. Mayonnaise

As earlier mentioned, the slime wouldn’t want oil around. But, you can’t let it remain in your hair. So, your all-time favorite sandwich ingredient, mayonnaise, is another slime combatant.

  • Take fat dollops of mayonnaise and apply it all over the slimy areas
  • Then, massage from the bottom, the root of the hair, all the way to the shaft. This way, the mayo goes round and coaxes slime out of your hair
  • When you massage, it is more effective to work with a handful at a time rather than the whole hair
  • Now, use a fine-tooth comb to take out the slime that has been detangled from your hair. Wash your comb in between taking out the slime
  • When you are sure that most of the slime is out of your hair, wash hair with a conditioner and shampoo to remove any slime residue

You should use a nice-smelling conditioner and shampoo to remove the smell of mayonnaise.

4. Peanut Butter

So, you can consume your favorite spread without getting calories gain. Peanut butter is among the oiliest ingredients in your cupboard, this is why slime won’t be able to stand it. Also, introducing more stickiness will help dissolve slime’s stickiness.

  • Scoop some peanut butter and spread it all over the slimy areas
  • Then, massage from the root of the hair all the way up to remove the slime. Work with a handful at a time
  • Afterward, use a fine-tooth comb to take out slime that has been detangled from your hair. Wash your comb in between taking out slime
  • When you have gotten most of the slime out of your hair, clean up with a conditioner and shampoo to remove any residue and remove the oiliness. Also, washing helps to get rid of food smell from the peanut butter

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5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many cooking and health uses. Moreso, it is an active stain cleaner. The acidic nature is what breaks up slime and makes lifting it off easy. However, you should be careful when using vinegar as it could run and hurt the eyes.

  • In a bowl, mix warm water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:2
  • Then, begin to pour the diluted vinegar all over the hair and massage it in with your fingers
  • As you massage, continue adding the diluted vinegar if there is still slime in the hair
  • When you have removed most of the slime, you can now wash the hair. Washing will remove slime leftover and the vinegar

Vinegar tends to dry out hair, so, you should follow washing up with a moisturizing hair product. In addition, your child or whoever got slime in their hair should wear goggles to protect their eyes.

6. Soap, Water, and Vinegar

These materials effectively remove thick globs of slime from the hair. Vinegar’s acidity and the base content of soap synergize to break the bonds of slime.

  • Mix all three in a proportion of; an equal volume of soap and water and half the volume of vinegar in a bowl
  • Pour the mix all over your hair and massage it in with your fingers removing slime as you do
  • After the removal, wash the hair thoroughly to remove slime and vinegar
  • If you can still see some slime, you should repeat the procedure
  • Dry your hair well afterward and do not forget to use a moisturizing hair product

7. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another multitasking ingredient. It serves as a home remedy for many cases like curing feet issues and cleaning stains. Baking soda comes in very handy when there are big globs of slime in the hair.

  • Mix baking soda with water in unequal ratios to form a paste
  • First, try to get some slime off with your fingers
  • Afterward, coat the hair with baking soda paste
  • Use your fingers to work on the hair, taking off slime as you do
  • Then, rinse off the paste
  • If there’s still some slime, repeat steps 3-5 until the bulk of it is gone
  • You can now wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner and dry it well
  • Most importantly, treat the hair to generous amounts of hair care products. This will help to restore moisture and protect your scalp and strands

You should however note that baking soda has a pH that is higher than that of the scalp. This can strip the hair of its natural oils and damage the strands. Therefore, it should not be applied to the hair too frequently.

8. Brake Cleaner

The garage or store also has helpful materials. Brake cleaners are largely used to clean household stains. They remove stains like permanent markers, nail polish, and paint from off surfaces. For this purpose, you’ll need a modern non-chlorinated brake cleaner.

  • Have the person wear some protection like a pair of goggles on the eyes
  • Generously spray brake cleaner over the affected areas
  • Allow this to sit for up to 15 minutes. This way, it settles well into the slime and weakens the bonds. Therefore, it becomes easier to lift
  • Then, carefully and gently use an enamel comb to take slime out of the hair
  • Next, wash your hair with a nice-smelling shampoo and dry properly. Follow up with hair oil

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9. Alcohol

Alcohol is a versatile household stain and grease remover. It perfectly lifts off the dirt from surfaces and leaves it squeaky clean.

  • Start with pouring some alcohol on the slimy areas
  • Allow the alcohol to seep in and work on the slime for an upward of 5 minutes
  • Use an enamel comb to gently and carefully get rid of the slime
  • Then, wash hair with shampoo and follow with conditioner
  • Dry hair properly and apply some hair product

However, do not use this removal method for thinning hair because of the drying effect of alcohol.

10. Coca-cola

The use of coca-cola to get slime out of hair is one of the unusual uses it has found. If you have ever used coke to clean surfaces, you’ll get the hint quickly. Coke effectively removes already hardened up slime.

  • Dip the hair in coke and allow it to soak for some minutes
  • Coke contains ingredients that loosen up the glue that binds slime
  • When you see it loosened, use your fingers to comb the slime out of the hair
  • Then, you can wash the hair with conditioner to remove any residual slime
  • Follow up with shampoo to wash off the greasiness of slime and coke
  • Rinse and dry properly. Also, remember to oil the hair generously to restore moisture

Precautions for Playing With Slime

children playing with slime

Although slime is safe for children to play with, you need to take caution. It is advised that children make and play with slime under supervision so they do not ingest it.

  • While making or playing with slime, ensure there is no direct contact with the eyes
  • Wash your hands after using slime
  • If borax gets into anyone’s eyes, quickly rinse the eyes with plenty of clean water for at least 10 minutes
  • Let the kids know that if they experience any skin irritation during mixing or use, they should put it away
  • Do not store slime for more than 3 days
  • In cases of ingestion, seek medical attention

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FAQS on How to Get Slime Out of Hair

1. Can I get slime out of my hair without cutting it?

Yes, you can. There are simple household materials that can help you get slime out of your hair in a matter of minutes. Apply any household oil all over the slime-coated area and massage it using your fingers. Then, use a comb to remove the detangled slime.

Make sure you condition and shampoo your hair afterward. Another simple option is to wash hair with a conditioner and shampoo.

2. Are the slime removal methods safe for kids?

Yes, they are. The available slime removal methods are safe for kids’ hair and health. However, you should to gently handle their hair and use eye protection when necessary.

Make sure to use dilute vinegar when needed. Also, take note of your kids’ allergies and do not use such products for them.

3. Can I use vinegar to get slime out of hair?

Yes, you can. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water before use. The acidity of vinegar is what works on the stubborn bonds. After removing slime, wash your hair thoroughly with a good shampoo and conditioner. Also, ensure you protect your child’s or your eyes with a pair of goggles.


Slime, the non-newtonian liquid, keeps children pretty occupied. It is almost impossible to stop children from playing during the holidays. And, your kids love playing with slime, you had better stock up on slime removal materials.

So, when you go grocery or slime recipe shopping, remember to grab a bottle of vinegar, an extra jar of mayo, baby oil or any other oil, baking soda, and the rest. With this standby kit, you won’t have to go into a frenzy the next time they come out with hair covered in slime.

Most importantly, ingesting borax is harmful to kids’ health. That sums up to say, while they play, ensure you check on them and resound precautions.

Thanks for reading.

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