What Does “Retro” Mean In Jordan Shoes?

You know what retro means, but what about the term retro shoes? Does the word retro ring a bell and make you wonder what it means? Then you should read this article.

It includes an explanation of what retro implies when buying a shoe and which brands are known for having the most retro shoes.

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What does retro mean in shoes?

Retro shoes are a type of shoe that has been remodified or altered from its original during rerelease. It involves adding a new colorway, technology, or design to the original.

Retro sneakers are a style of footwear popular with the Nike brand. Also, they are authentic Air Jordan shoes with improved and minor alterations in applied materials and technology.

Why are they called retro shoes?

retro shoes

1. New designs

The term “retro” is the name tagged to an upgraded version of the Nike shoe. They always have a new design and look.

2. Upgraded materials

Retro shoes are made of higher-quality materials than ordinary shoes. The materials used in their creation are very deliberate, which is why they are pricey and always in limited editions.

3. Advanced technology

The Air Jordan shoes are well-known for their Air max and ultra-boost sole technology, which provides the wearer with significant lightweight and speed benefits. Consider a shoe with even more advanced technologies. That is what a retro shoe is designed to be.

What does OG mean in shoes?

OG stands for the original. It refers to several Jordan sneaker versions that have never been replicated.

Jordan Retro vs OG?

If your Jordan shoes are not retro, then they are originals (OG).

OG Jordans are sneakers that have not been remodified or are the original first-release designs. Meanwhile, retros are remodified designs of sneakers.

A sneaker can have original and retro versions. For instance, the Air Jordan 1 sneakers have the original colorways and designs that are still being reproduced and sold.

Nonetheless, there are remodified versions of the sneakers released with new technology and colorways.

Therefore, a sneaker line can have both the original first release colorways and design and still have rereleased retros with still the same concept but with a slight variation and added colorways.

How much does a retro shoe cost?

A retro shoe costs about $1,000 or more, depending on the design and production capacity.

What does retro GS mean in shoes?

Nike introduced the GS acronym as part of their Air Jordan shoe line. The term’s simple definition is “Grade School.”

Consequently, it indicates that any footwear bearing the initials “GS” will also be within the typical range of sizes for children entering grade school.

What does retro SE mean in shoes?

In the world of sneakers, SE is short for Special Edition. On notable occasions, special promotions, holidays, etc., several shoe designers introduce their unique line of items. Therefore, the SE appendage.


Are all sneakers retro?

No, they are not.

Not all sneakers can be called retro. While some are reproduced, not all have a new addition of colorway, design, or technology. Moreover, retro sneakers are most commonly used for Jordan shoes.

Are all Nike shoes retros?

No, they are not.

Not all Nike shoes are retros. Some do not have rereleases that feature a modified design.

What does DS mean in shoes?

This means Deadstock.

When a pair of shoes are deadstock, it means that the shoe is brand-new, never been worn by anyone before. It is also authentic, so you don’t need to worry about its quality.

What does H/O mean in shoes?

H/O stands for Highest Offer, describing the highest price of shoes from the brand.

However, these shoes are usually premium-quality and can speak for themselves. Therefore, if you want to buy these H/O shoes, you might need to pay a high price.


If you have read this article, you will realize that the bottom line of this post is that retro shoes are footwear that is reinvented and manufactured from an already existing shoe design.

Moreover, you would have been able to deduce that these shoes are very much common to the Nike brand and none other. Therefore, you will always see a Nike retro product, especially an Air Jordan.

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