13 Nail Colors That Perfectly Complement Dark Skin

Shopping for nail polishes can be exhausting if you don’t have nail colors for dark skin tones chart.

I know. Do I have to carry a literal chart to show this? No, you don’t. Most times, it’s having a good eye for colors that matches your skin tone (and undertone). And sometimes you need to consult the internet.

When you want to buy nail colors for dark skins, it would be fun to look for any color, but we have to admit, not all colors complement dark skin tones. It’s even worse if it doesn’t match the skin undertone too.

This is a reality that dark skin tones are aware of. Not all shades of colors are complimentary on dark skin tones. But how do you arrive at the right color shade?

Well, this should be easy for you now. I have done my duty to womankind by getting nail colors for dark skin tones. You can’t go wrong, no matter the shade of your dark skin tone with these colors.

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nail colors for dark skin

Best Nail Colors for Dark Skin

No doubt there are amazing nail colors from different brands. However, not all shades of colors are perfect for dark skin tones.

One thing I realized with my dark skin is there isn’t any color that doesn’t go with it. You might call this a lie, but I kid you not. It’s the shade of the color that doesn’t do justice to popping out your skin undertones.

This is why I have selected awesome nail colors for dark skin tones. These shades are great at complementing any type of dark skin complexion. If you haven’t tried some colors in this list, it’s time to break out of your comfort zone.

1. Best Red Nail Color for Dark Skin

Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Red Eye is a great red color that pops against dark skin tones. The color is bright with a twinge of pink. Also, it is suitable for both manicures and pedicures.

Sally Hensen is an award-winning brand that has great nail polish formula. You would love the color red as it brings out the undertone of your skin. Furthermore, the color lasts long and doesn’t need to be cured with light.

You can wear it from casual to formal occasions. The glossy finish is perfect for the shine you need for your mani/pedi.


Elite99 Soak Off Gel Polish Lacquer is great for nail art. It also has an orange-red undertone for creating a nice effect for acrylic nails, nail tips, and false nails. You can wear long-lasting nail polish for a shiny finish.

2. Best Pink Nail Color for Dark Skin

Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Vegan Nail Polish in Pastel Pink is a glossy polish that is a one-stop formula for those who love the grab, apply, and dry on the fly.

The pink color is cool and calm on the skin. Also, it does not dull out the skin with its cool tone. It’s the perfect skin tone blender you need.


Pink or Swim Nail Polish by KBShimmer is a glitter perfection that bounces on a dark skin complexion. The nail polish is bright for a sunny day and dries fairly quickly.

Also, it does not contain harmful components like toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate.

3. Best Orange Nail Color for Dark Skin

Duri Nail Polish in The O.C. Orange is a polish with a matte finish. The color is bright and neon, giving you the perfect party nails. Also, the color escapes all rules and borders, creating its own unique sparkle on your nails.

Orange is one of the best nail colors for dark skin tones, and this brand does orange like no other.

Moreover, the nail polish is free of the 7 harmful toxins and is not animal tested. You can wear it without applying a top coat and still get a healthy bright color.


O.P.I’s Suzi Needs A Lock-Smith Orange Nail Polish is deep and enticing. The glossy nail polish has a copper undertone to give the nails a rusty look. Also, it is long-lasting with at least 7 days’ wear.

You will need to apply a base coat and a top coat to let it dry perfectly without chipping or smearing.

4. Best Chrome Nail Color for Dark Skin

You just have to love ILNP Cygnus Loop Nail Polish in Chrome. The polish has a dreamy and shimmering effect that bounces light off your nails. The chrome color also has a shifting effect with angles.

The polish is designed to create an illusion of colors that makes it the perfect playmate you need. Furthermore, it is made with high-quality ingredients and is 100% cruelty-free.

The polish is long-lasting with chip-resistant durability. You can wear it like an iron guard for your nails.


KBShimmer Shade Shifter Multichrome Nail Polish is alluring with its chromatic colors dancing off your hands. The glitter polish pops on dark complexions based on the angles they are in the sun.

You can enjoy creating an illusion with this nail polish wherever you go.

5. Best Purple Nail Polish for Dark Skin

China Glaze Nail Polish in Creative Fantasy is a lovely deep purple color vibrant against a dark skin tone. The crème color is quick-to-dry and long-lasting on the nails.

The nail polish is rich in a deep purple shade that comes close to bright and fun. Also, it gives a 3D effect when you wear it. The color is great for all shades of dark complexion, giving it a rich look from close and afar.


Orly Nail Lacquer in Purple Crush is a bright outdoorsy nail polish that pops against dark skin tones. The nail polish leaves a sparkling glow on the nails and gives an intensity you wouldn’t expect from the bright shade.

The polish is also long-lasting with a perfect finish. You can enjoy its durability and shine for as long as possible. Furthermore, it comes with UV inhibitors to prevent its color from fading under the sun.

6. Best Metallic Nail Color for Dark Skin

Kleancolor Nail Lacquer Metallic Finish in Metallic Aqua is a highly pigmented formula that is also long-lasting. The color is vivid and bright, shining brightly as the sun reflects on it.

Also, the color is unique, and it is a nail polish that plays with dark skin tones, highlighting the bright colors on the skin. The polish can be used for manicures and pedicures.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Game of Chromes is a glossy finish polish that glows brightly on dark skin tones. The gold metallic is a classic color for showing off warm undertones.

This light gold has a cool yet vibrant look. Also, It’s chip-resistant and long-lasting. You can wear it for up to 8 days without needing to recoat.

7. Best Blue Nail Color for Dark Skin

Duri Nail Polish in Fire Sapphire with a metallic shimmer is the vibrant and loud blue you need to spark up your nails.

The polish color is one of the best nail colors for dark skin because it emanates a deep blue with a tinge of purple and metallic shimmer.

The polish is long-lasting and easy to apply. Wearing it would look like an inky color, which is eye-stopping. You can wear it if you want to call attention to your fingernails.

Also, the formula is 7 toxin-free and vegan. It has not been tested on animals, and there are no animal-derived ingredients. You can wear the fun color anytime.


O.P.I’s Rich Girls & Po-Boys Nail Polish is a great blue color for cool tones. The light blue is great for brightening up your skin and making it look playful and childlike. The polish is also long-lasting with at least a 7-day wear.

8. Best Yellow Nail Color for Dark Skin

O.P.I Nail Polish in Don’t Tell a Sol is a fun golden yellow color with a warm feel. The color is bright and bold, giving your hands the attention it craves. The color is also long-lasting and doesn’t chip easily.

The liquid formula is easy to apply and gives you a bright disposition when you wear it. If you want a lovely reflection of the sun on your nails, then it’s the yellow polish you need.


Nothing screams popping sunny color like Venalisa Gel Nail Polish in I-Yellow color. The polish is an imitation of the yellow sun, giving a warm glow to the nails. Also, it is made with non-toxic ingredients.

The yellow color is enticing and attractive, drawing people’s eyes. Again, it does well to pop against dark skin tones.

9. Best Nude Nail Color for Dark Skin

Beetles Gel Nail Polish in Kim Nude Color is a skin tone enhancing gel polish. The nail polish provides a glossy finish and is elegant and simple on the nails. Also, the color is suitable for all seasons and does not hinder your daily routines.

Furthermore, it is toxin-free and has a low odor. The long-lasting gel polish is great for any occasion. You would need to cure with a nail lamp. And a base and top coat are required to keep the polish solid and long-lasting.


ILNP Portfolio Nail Polish in Soft Camel Neutral Nude is a shimmery finish polish. The color is light and playful on dark skin. It does not chip easily. The long-lasting coverage is also cruelty-free and does not harm the skin or nails.

10. Best White Nail Color for Dark Skin

Vishine Gel Polish Professional in White is a great polish with a pristine white look. The color is bright against dark skin tones and gorgeous on the nails.

Also, it is long-lasting on the nails. The bright nails are attention-grabbing wherever you go. However, it has to be cured with a nail lamp because it is a gel formula.


Karlash Super White Nail Polish is smooth on the nails and long-lasting. In simple terms, the polish is a rich white shade that pops on any skin tone. It doesn’t have toxic ingredients, and it is 100% vegan.

You can wear the white for nail art, to create a chromatic look, or just plainly if you want an out-there color.

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11. Best Black Nail Color for Dark Skin

Revlon Nail Enamel Glossy Finish in Black 390 Iconic Polish is chip defiant. The nail polish is also vibrant and fade-resistant. The gorgeous black color is smooth to the fingers and deepens the rich dark-brown complexion of the skin.

Asides from this, the polish is bubble-free and toxin-free. It is formulated to give the nails a beautiful contrast to the skin. You can use it for nail art or pair it with a bright-colored polish to create a nice double effect.


Atomic Polish’s Matte Black Nail Polish is a crème nail polish that is soft and opaque. You can deepen the black coat with two coats if you want a richer dark tone. The black is lovely and contrasting on dark skin tone, giving in a mysterious look.

Also, the polish is 5 toxin-free. It has durability and longevity, keeping your nails protected for a long time.

12. Best Green Nail Color for Dark Skin

Morgan Taylor’s Disney Villain’s Mistress of Mayhem is a fun and mischievous green polish like the name suggests. The glossy finish polish is deep and dark, which will deepen the rich color of dark skin tones.

Moreover, the polish is fantastic at looking demure but with a high-quality pigment. When you look at it, it feels like you are looking at sparkling emerald gems.

Also, you would find specks of metallic playing with the yes. It’s really a daring color you want to have.


Essie Gel Nail Polish in Off-Topic Green is a flawless coverage color that is durable. Also, the color is outstanding in its glossy finish. It is one of the best nail colors for dark skin tones because it deepens the dark skin.

Asides from this, the green polish is very mysterious and playful, leaving your hands elegant and stylish.

13. Best Beige Nail Polish for Dark Skin

With a sheer finish, Deborah Lippmann’s Brand New Day Nail Polish caters to hands and feet care. The polish is made to deliver a long-lasting gloss without damaging the nails.

Also, it is a polish with a detailed formula to provide healthy wear and shine. If you want a sheer beige cover for natural-looking nails, it is the perfect polish.


China Glaze Nail Polish in Bourgeois Beige is a light crème color that goes perfectly well on a cool undertone dark skin. The shade is simple and easy to spot.

Also, it is a long-lasting manicure color that brings your nails to life. You can wear it to cool your skin tone, making it look as natural as possible.

How to Choose Nail Colors for Dark Skin

1. Skin Complexion

Your skin complexion will determine what shade of colors goes best for you. However, more than your skin tone, your undertone determines your colors of choice.

For instance, warm undertones (yellow, gold) should go for shades of bright reds, gold, metallic, orange, and rich and deep nudes to complement the skin.

On the other hand, cool undertones (blue, silver) should go for sunny yellows, rose pinks, blue, and other colors with a tinge of blue.

Neutral undertones (olives) are the perfect canvas for any nail color. They can play with colors on the skin. However, teal, pale pink, bright red are great colors for neutral skin undertones.

2. Season

The season also decides what type of nail colors, although this thought is shifting. You can wear any nail color you want whenever you want.

For example, I was an ardent wearer of nude, brown, and dull orange during the fall seasons. It just blended with the colors of the season. But I have realized I can wear teal, blue, pink, and the ever great black and red.

It’s now about experimenting with what is in your closet more than the season. But you shouldn’t overlook the season before you pick a nail color.

For instance, summer and spring mean bright colors. This adds to your disposition more than you think. So be sure to match the season’s colors with your nail color pick.

3. Occasion

A day at the beach definitely means brighter shades. What type of occasion you attend would also determine your nail color picks.

A demure or light shade of any color would be perfect for a formal or black-tie event. Most times, nudes, pink, light or deep red, beige, baby blue, or any other pastel color are a great selection for formal occasions.

However, you can wear deeper or metallic colors if you want to make a statement with your nails. As I said, the occasion and how you want to portray yourself matter when it comes to picking your nail colors.

4. Durability

This is essential if you are a handsy person and you always work with your fingers.

I, for one, love dark colors when I know I would be working with my fingers. Light colors could get stained, and it is off-putting when the stains or scratches get stuck on the polish. So I work with darker colors.

You can also choose matte or polish colors to stay longer on your fingers. Matte is fast-drying, and it usually looks dull and can take dirt and grime.

5. Nail Art  

Now, this is a fun part. Nail art conveys more than the beauty and aesthetics of nail polish. It shows your personality and spontaneity. You can wear metallic and bright colors to give you a sophisticated but fun look.

When you add sparkles as accessories to your nail polish, you are showing a fun side of yourself. Bright energetic colors like green or sea blue are great in showing your edgy and energetic sides.

Nail art could go further to getting chromatic colors. You have to blend the shades well to fit your skin complexion. Also, you have to use colors that are edgy and would pop against all the art and accessories.

You can opt for minimal nail art to be creative if you are doing your nails by yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

nail colors for dark skin

Can I wear any nail color as a dark skin?

Yes, you can. Dark skin tones can actually wear any color in the dark, light, bright, and vibrant colors that pop on the skin. So that’s about every color.

However, the shade of the colors is what matters. Not only does it have to match your skin tone, but it also has to be the right shade for your undertone. This is why getting colors that appeal to your skin undertone is important.

How can I make my nail color last longer?

If your nail color for your dark skin tone is not long-lasting, you can apply a topcoat on it every few days to make it last.

Even if it is a long-lasting nail polish, applying base and top coats to your polish would help it dry firmly, and it wouldn’t chip easily. However, some polishes don’t need these to be durable.

Which is better between gel nail polish and traditional nail polish?

They are both good. Gel nail polish is more long-lasting and durable. On the other hand, traditional nail polish is not as durable as gel nail polish.

However, traditional nail polish is easy to apply and does not need a nail lamp to dry. Meanwhile, gel nail polish is hard to air-dry and could melt or smear if not dried properly.

Your choice of nail polish depends on your activities and love for colors and nail art.

nail colors for dark skin


Nail colors for dark skin are not exhaustible. Most colors are great for dark skin tones, but you have to be wary of the shades.

However, shades like Pink or Swim Nail Polish by KBShimmer are sultry and do well in bouncing off your dark skin. And the ever-blessed Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Red Eye is an elegant color that defines your nails.

I am a green color kind of girl. So it’s only natural I pick Morgan Taylor’s Disney Villian’s Mistress of Mayhem as my favorite. Not just because the color is striking, but because it has a mysterious air around it.

So, you see that nail colors are fantastic when it comes to dark skin. What you should always remember when picking one is your skin undertone. This way, the color wouldn’t look mismatched on your nails.

After all, all we want is the perfect nails.

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