See How To Fix A Shoe Sole When It’s Coming Off

Do you know what to do when your shoe sole is coming off? If you answered no, you should read this article.

Shoe soles are a type of material used in the production of shoes, and they have a lifespan regardless of how original they are. They will undoubtedly come off or detach from the shoe at some point.

As a result, you’ll need to learn how to repair a shoe sole when it comes off, especially if it’s your only pair or has sentimental value. Continue reading to learn how to fix a shoe sole that has come off.

What is a shoe sole?


The bottom or corresponding underside of a shoe or boot is known as the shoe sole.

Every shoe has a sole or the part of the shoe that makes contact with the ground. Though most contemporary shoes have soles made of natural rubber, polyurethane, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds, soles can be made of different materials.

Can a shoe sole come off?

Yes, it can.

A shoe sole is a material made and attached to the body of a shoe. And, like any other shoe material, the shoe sole can come off if it is weak, not original, or overworked.

Why does my shoe sole come off?

This might be because moisture is causing the PU’s long polymer chains split apart gradually.

Consequently, PU gradually becomes brittle and loses its flexibility over time, coming off.

Or it might be because the shoes are very old, and the soles are showing signs of disintegration.

How to fix a shoe sole that is coming off

how to fix shoe sole

Here is a guide that will aid you in fixing your shoe sole when they start coming off.

1. Clean the sole

Apply a solution of water and isopropyl alcohol to the area surrounding the loose sole piece using a rag. If cleaning the interior of the shoe without further removal is possible, do so.

2. Apply adhesive

Apply some adhesive to the interior of the shoe where the sole has separated from the shoe using a toothpick or cotton swab.

Create a fairly thick layer, as it is preferable to add too much and have it overflow than not enough.

Before the sole is installed, the adhesive must cure for several mins after application. Additionally, remember to check the directions on the adhesive product you’re using.

3. Put pressure on the shoe

Press the sole and the shoe firmly together, taking care not to get any adhesive on your hands. If the adhesive leaks out, don’t worry; this can be removed later.

4. Secure the sole to the shoe

While drying out, the sole must be pressed firmly against the shoe. When the glue is drying, secure it with rubber bands or duct tape or by placing weights on top of the shoe.

5. Allow the sole to dry

Give the shoe 24 hours to rest. Place the shoe away from other shoes, where it can remain dry and cool while the adhesive sets. Let the shoe sit for at least a full day before wearing it.

6. Clean off the leftover adhesive residue on the shoe

Use 120-grit sandpaper to remove any adhesive that may have come off when you pressed the sole of the shoe down. Before sanding the adhesive, make sure it is fully dry.


sole of shoe

Can you super glue your shoe sole?

Yes, you can.

Super glue is still one of the best glues available for general, all-purpose shoe repair. This product is one of the most useful items to keep on hand in general and can provide a quick fix for broken heels and separated soles.

However, try as much as possible for the glue not to get on your skin.

Is Gorilla glue good for shoe soles?

Yes, it is.

Gorilla glue is a top choice for do-it-yourself shoe repairs as well. This incredibly versatile product is temperature and waterproof.

Additionally, it works well with tougher shoe materials like metal and wood. Another glue that dries clear and won’t change the item’s appearance is this one.

How long does glue on shoes last?

Like regular nail-on shoes, glue-on shoes should last 5 to 6 weeks.

Will your shoe sole fall apart if not worn?

Yes, it can fall apart after a long time.

Remember that your sneakers are not made to last forever; whether you wear them or not, they will eventually fall apart.

This is why you must wear and enjoy your shoes while they last. When your soles are crumbling, and you never got to wear them, you will feel bad about it.


Making sure that your shoe’s sole does not come off is one set way that you can continue to enjoy wearing them.

You will discover that you can manage your shoe soles for longer than their initial lifespan guarantee if you can consistently fix and protect them.

Additionally, keeping glue and sandpaper at home will make it easier to repair your shoe soles when they come off rather than tossing them.

You can review this article once more if you still need more clarification on how to fix a shoe bottom that is coming off.

Thanks for reading.

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