Restore Moisture to Your Hair With These Hair Dryness Products

It’s a cycle of rinse and repeat when it comes to treating your dry hair. While you try different products for hair dryness and damaged hair over and over again, your hair doesn’t seem to get any better.

What is the reason behind this?

One thing you have to understand is hair dryness and damaged hair are different. Damaged hair is permanent. However, it can be managed. This is why you might have had it all wrong.

Rather than think you can change your hair strands back to healthy hair, what you should do is prevent further damage and trim regularly.

On the other hand, hair dryness is not damaged hair. However, it can become one if not managed and rejuvenated. You shouldn’t treat your hair dryness like damaged hair, but you shouldn’t overlook it either.

If you have a hair dryness problem, there is hope in getting your healthy hair back. You just need to use rehydrating and ultra-boosting moisture products for hair dryness.

Best Products for Hair Dryness

Hair dryness can be treated with a boost in moisture and hydration. This is why the products selected and ranked in this list are the best to give your hair the right dose of hair treatment.

The selected products are ranked based on sales data collected from eCommerce stores like Amazon and data from social media platforms.

1. Best Hydrating Shampoo for Hair Dryness

SheaMoisture’s Daily Hydration Shampoo is made from 100% virgin coconut oil. The shampoo is meant to treat the hair and boost it with hydration. The shampoo also revitalizes the hair, keeping it in a manageable state and shine.

Besides this, it is sulfate-free and does not harm the hair strands. Rather it lifts away impurities. The shampoo is organic and made with moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, coconut milk, and Acacia Senegal (gum arabic tree).

It also does not contain silicone, parabens, mineral oil, and phthalates. You can enjoy the moisturizing shampoo by applying it to wet hair and gently massaging deep into your scalp.

Use the hydrating shampoo to rejuvenate your hair from its dry state during your hair wash routines.

2. Best Clarifying Shampoo for Hair Dryness

Dry hair is not supposed to use clarifying shampoo because it removes natural oil. However, As I Am Curl Clarity Shampoo will cleanse your scalp and leave it moisturized.

The shampoo works by giving back the shine of your hair and letting it be free of residue. But it does not strip the hair of natural oil and moisture needed to keep it healthy.

The shampoo is also sulfate-free and is safe for color-treated hair. Moreover, it helps you keep your hair luster without drying out or making it frizz. The product also has a climate pledge-friendly badge. Therefore, it is safe for the environment.

You can use the non-dehydrating shampoo on your hair to clear it of grime and residue safely.

3. Best Shampoo + Conditioner Set for Hair Dryness

This combination is the perfect set for hair dryness and rejuvenating the scalp and hair cuticles. SheaMoisture Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner Set is made with Jamaican black castor oil to invigorate the hair scalp.

The set is well balanced and loaded with hydrating ingredients like apple cider vinegar, shea butter, oils, and other revitalizing hair products. The set also helps to repair chemically treated hair and transitioning hair, healing and strengthening the roots.

The products are made with certified organic ingredients that wouldn’t harm your hair strands. Furthermore, it keeps the pH level of the hair balanced and shines the dull hair.

The shampoo and conditioner set by SheaMoisture help in bringing back your hair to its healthy state, moisturizing and protecting it.

4. Best Moisturizer for Hair Dryness

Thank God It’s Natural (tgin) Daily Moisturizer is made with shea butter, glycerin, water, coconut oil, and olive oil to provide deep hydration for dry hair.

The buttercream moisturizer is created to also lock moisture in and keep every strand of hair nourished. It can be applied every day for relaxing goodness. Also, it contains vitamin E to enhance hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Additionally, it softens the hair strands and shines them; you can reduce the frizz in your curls. And you can also smoothen your hair cuticles. Plus, it does not leave grease or heavy oil after application.

5. Best Hair Oil for Hair Dryness

Lusti Argan Oil Hair Moisturizer provides triple strength to hydrate, moisturize, and nourish your hair. It helps to treat hair dryness caused by blow dryers, curlers, and other hot tools.

It’s great and safe for daily use. And it helps to eliminate hair dryness, leaving your hair with radiant strands. You can apply the oil to your natural hair, treated hair, or braided hair.

Furthermore, it can be used to style your hair and make your hair bounce more.

6. Best Hair Serum for Hair Dryness

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Boost Hair Shine Serum is one of the best products for hair dryness because it helps in sealing and protecting the hair from dryness.

The lightweight formula is fortified with coconut oil to smooth down frizz and split ends too. It works by gliding easily through your hair strands, penetrating the hair cuticles to provide long-lasting hydration.

You can have softer and healthier-looking hair with no worries of harmful chemicals damaging it. This is because the serum is paraben-free, doesn’t contain phthalates, mineral oil, dyes, and gluten.

The safe serum repairs hair dryness by locking moisture in from the roots to the tip of your hair. And with each use, your hair improves and regains its natural vigor.

7. Best Moisturizing Conditioner for Hair Dryness

Jessicurl, Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner perfects and provides hair shine and moisture. The conditioner keeps the scalp clean and moisturized. Also, it leaves shiny soft hair after application.

The moisturizer is fortified with ingredients like shea butter, jojoba seed oil, peppermint, avocado oil, aloe vera, and rosemary extract to hydrate the scalp and hair strands.

Besides this, the formula is color-safe and does not leave grease or residue. The thick moisturizing conditioner is lightweight and vegan. It does not have gluten and it’s also cruelty-free.

8. Best Hair Mask for Hair Dryness

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask is one of the best products for hair dryness due to its deep penetrating conditioning of the hair. The product helps to restore dry hair and replenishes the hair with its treatment.

With ingredients like jojoba seed oil, aqua, citric acid, and sea buckthorn seed oil, the mask hydrates and rejuvenates the hair. It also works to seal moisture and restore split ends shine and elasticity.

The treatment should be added to your weekly hair care routine. After generously applying the product, leave it in for 5-7 minutes before washing off.

9. Best Leave-In Conditioner for Hair Dryness

Briogeo Don’t Despair Strength + Moisture Leave-In Moisturizing Hair Mask is created to provide dry hair with a strengthening formula to keep the hair from future damage.

The conditioner is suitable for all hair textures, both chemical and natural, along with color-treated hair. It is a moisturizing hair mask that leaves the hair shining. The leave-in product for hair dryness repairs and boosts hair resilience.

Additionally, it is formulated with moisture-rich ingredients like argan oil to protect and hydrate the hair all day. You simply wear the mask in, style your hair, and let it work its magic.

10. Best Styling Product for Hair Dryness

As one of the best products for hair dryness, Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream helps to deeply hydrate your hair and control frizz. The product also acts as a leave-in cream that smoothens the hair.

The hydrating cream is infused with the rich antioxidant component, argan oil, to protect the hair from external agents. Furthermore, it acts as a soft hold on your hair, helping to tame your strands.

All you need to keep your hair glossy is a little of the product. You apply the product to damp hair and style as usual or leave it in to dry naturally.

What is Hair Dryness?

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Hair dryness is a phase your hair is in which involves hair being hard to retain moisture. The hair gradually loses its luster and becomes dull and frizzy.

The natural hair in your scalp is dried up due to some external or internal factors. Also, moisture will escape your hair due to these factors.

However, hair dryness should not be classified as the same as high porosity hair. High porosity is when your hair cuticles lose moisture as fast as it gains them.

Your hair can be dry even if you have high porosity hair. This is because you are not moisturizing it deeply and enough.

Usually, when you have dry hair, the outer layer of your hair breaks down, exposing the other two layers. It would also look dull and unhealthy. Major hair dryness giveaway is dull, dry, and frizzy hair strands.

When you notice these, you need to start treating your hair with the best products for hair dryness.

Causes of Hair Dryness

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As I highlighted above, hair dryness can be caused by both external and internal factors. Environmental factors majorly consist of external factors.

1. Environmental Factor

The weather is an environmental factor that affects your hair strands and makes them dry. For instance, constant exposure to the sun could cause dry hair. Also, chemical exposure like chlorine or salt water can rip your strands of its moisture.

2. Age

Another factor that could cause hair dryness is Age. As we age, our scalp and body deplete natural oil and moisture.

3. Lack of protection

As afro-textured-haired women, it’s important to protect our hair to maintain its moisture. This includes wearing protective hairstyles and silk wraps when we sleep.

Not protecting our hair manually or through the use of products, the moisture could slip from the hair. Moreover, the sun damages hair that is not protected.

4. Hair routines and tools

Using hot tools and having an aggressive hair routine could dry up your hair. Hot tools are good but using them too often could lead to hair dryness.

Meanwhile, shampooing too much and undergoing chemical treatments too often could dry up your hair.

5. Health problems

Health problems like anorexia, hypothyroidism, and menopause are known to cause hair loss. They can also cause hair dryness. This is because health problems, like anorexia, can lead to malnutrition, which also causes dry brittle hair.

Hypothyroidism and menopause cause an imbalance of hormones. This would affect the hair like every other part of the body. If you experience hair dryness due to these reasons, it’s best to see a dermatologist for medical treatment.

How to Prevent Hair Dryness

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You can prevent your hair from getting damaged. All you have to do is treat hair dryness with simple changes in your hair care routine and lifestyle.

 1. Avoid over shampooing

Shampooing your hair should be a routine you carry out once or twice a week. If you have treated hair, you can wash your hair once a week to get the residue, dirt, and excess product out of it.

Natural hair should shampoo once in 10 days to keep the hair moisture. And co-washing or using dry shampoo is a great alternative for in-between days.  

2. Always use a conditioner

Hair dryness is the loss of moisture in the hair. Therefore, you need to condition your hair always. You can use deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, or oils like coconut oil to give your hair the moisture and hydration it needs.

Also, use the right shampoo and conditioner meant for your hair type. This would help to keep moisture. For instance, high porosity hair with dry hair should use helpful products designed to help it retain moisture.

3. Avoid hot tools

Use hot tools less when you have dry hair. Heat styling and hot tools can damage the hair strands further, which means they should be avoided. When you have to use hot tools, use a heat protectant to protect your hair strands.

4. Wear protective styles

You can stick to wigs or hair extensions to protect your hair from the sun. Also, wearing protective styles like cornrows and braids helps to keep your hair protected. And when you sleep, wear silk head wraps to prevent your hair from losing moisture and tangling up.

5. Moisturize

Apply hair products like hair serum, hair oils, and hair masks to moisturize your scalp and hair strands. Keeping your natural oil level is very important in treating your hair. This is true, especially during the winter when the temperature is low.

6. Avoid chemical treatments

If you are experiencing hair dryness, you should limit your chemical treatment. You can reduce the number of times you use relaxers and hair dyes as long as you are experiencing hair dryness.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is hair dryness the same as damaged hair?

No, it isn’t. However, dry hair is a step close to damaged hair.

Damaged hair cannot be repaired, and people often make the mistake of treating their hair when it has reached this stage. The only solution to a damaged hair is a trim.

Meanwhile, hair can be restored from a dry state by using hydrating products that would moisturize the hair strands and the scalp.

Does hair dryness cause hair loss?

No, it doesn’t.

Hair dryness can lead to damaged hair, which makes it prone to breakage. While your hair is experiencing dryness, it might not break off or cause hair loss.

However, if the hair dryness leads to damaged hair, the hair is most likely to break off because of the brittleness.

Your goal is to prevent your hair dryness from becoming damaged hair. Moisturizing regularly and eating a balanced diet will help get the natural oil back in your scalp.

Do hair supplements help with my hair dryness?

Yes, they do. Hair supplements help with dry hair and the general growth and health of your hair.

You can use hair supplements to provide your hair with the necessary vitamins and oils to nourish your scalp and hair cuticle.

Also, the supplements work to keep your hair growth phase in a continuous loop.

Can I color my dry hair?

No, you can’t. It’s best to stay away from hair color as long as you are experiencing dry hair.

Hair dryness does not need chemical products because it could do more harm than good. Therefore, for the period you are experiencing hair dryness, you should stay away from color treatments.

On the other hand, if you’ve color-treated your hair, you can leave the color in and use color-protecting products to moisturize your hair and protect your hair color.

products for hair dryness


You need products for hair dryness to rejuvenate your dry hair. In as much as people think dry hair is damaged hair, it is not. However, it will be if not properly taken care of. This is why products that would hydrate your hair are necessary for your routine.

For instance, I would pick SheaMoisture Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo, and Conditioner Set for hair dryness. The shampoo conditioner combination makes the perfect set that treats hair dryness.

Then I would use Amika Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask for deep penetration of the hydrating formula. And I would finish up with Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to keep my hair moisturized all day.

How you use your products in your hair routine is important. This is because you might be going in circles if you don’t stop what is causing your dry hair in the first place.

On that note, you need to care for your extra special hair by protecting it, eating well, and keeping away from hot tools or harmful chemicals. Doing this and using the products for hair dryness would get you your healthy hair in no time.

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